Newly Elected Tenaha City Council Members Sworn-in

Pictured are the Tenaha City Council (from left): Bryan Adams, Janice Barton, Linda Vickery, Florance Adams, and Oneal Jones.

May 7, 2021 - The City of Tenaha celebrated the most recent transition of power to three new council members with their swearing in on Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at 5:30pm.

The meeting opened with only two council members, as the three who recently vacated their seats chose not to be present for the special meeting. Just before the meeting began, a statement was given by Amanda Treat, City Secretary, to explain the legality of having a quorum of two for the purpose of canvassing votes.

"Your agenda will change, we will only canvass the votes and swear in because we can't conduct any of the business since we don't have a full quorum," said Treat. "TML Legal, they stated that a quorum of canvassing an election is two members of the governing body. The swearing-in can be done at any time after the canvassing and can be done at the same meeting as the canvassing."

Janice Barton

Mayor Mike Ramsey opened the meeting and Treat presented the election results to the council. Early voting results reflected: Total ballots were 30, and for place number one Stanvac Lynn Morris: 15 votes; Janice Barton: 13 votes; under votes, those left blank, were two. Place number four Bryan Adams: 16 votes; under votes, those left blank, 14. Place number five Oneal Jones: 26 votes; Natalie Harris: four votes.

Election day had a total of 94 ballots submitted for place one. On election day Stanvac Lynn Morris received 34 votes; Janice Barton received 59 votes, with one under vote. Place number four, Bryan Adams receiving 62 votes, and there were 32 under votes, for a total of 94 votes submitted. Place number five, Oneal Jones with 61 votes; Natalie Harris with 33, for a total of 94 votes submitted.

Bryan Adams

A motion carried with Florance Adams voting in favor and Linda Vickery seconding her motion to accept and canvass the election results.

Treat then presented each candidate with a written statement of office and then administered to each of the candidates: Janice Barton, Bryan Adams, and Oneal Jones the oath of their office.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:46pm.

Oneal Jones