Center NHS and JCC Students Work Together to Bring Relief

August 30, 2017 - Following the devastation in Southeast Texas, Center High School's National Honor Society and Junior Chamber of Commerce members will send donations to hurricane victims tomorrow after a successful student-led donation drive.

"I think we all had the idea to donate to Harvey victims as soon as we heard about how devastating it was," NHS President Brady Wells said. "Our publicist, Alberto, contacted me with some ideas, so I called an officer meeting for the following day. We immediately began the donation process. Here we are only two days later, and we have huge amounts of items to send to those in need."

Working together, the two student groups received 92 cases of water, 40 packages of diapers, 54 packages of baby wipes, 20 bags of pet food, and several boxes filled with personal care items.

 "I am extremely proud of the members and officers of National Honor Society," Wells said. "We, together, have demonstrated unity and compassion. We have not argued; we have not disagreed. We have done what we know we are called to do - put others before ourselves. I am very honored to be President of an organization full of such good, active people, and I hope that we can continue to be an example for others."

Both student groups recognized their sponsors, Susan Penick (NHS) and Jennifer Fausett (JCC), for their help in event promotion and storage of donated items. The drive was executed quickly, and donations piled up fast.

 "I was shocked at how many things were donated, especially the amount of water," JCC member Dalton Snider said. "Our original goal was 50 and in two days we had overshot our goal by nearly 10 cases. I was amazed."

Many students have family in the flooded areas who need assistance.

"My mother and aunt live in Houston now, and not too long ago it was my home," JCC member Mark Perkins said. "We were watching a breaking news report in class yesterday and I got to see an old apartment I lived in completely flooded. I've, fortunately, gotten to speak with my mother. My aunt is safe, but her house is filled with water. It's tragic to see my old home be destroyed, but it's heartwarming to be a part of those helping them here.

It's nice to know that in the wake of this tragedy, we all united in helping others."