Nurse Practitioners Collaborate to Increase Point of Care Coronavirus Testing

April 13, 2020 - In this time of medical crisis, collaboration among medical professionals and businesses is important for each community. Increased access to rapid point of care testing can assist in identifying mildly symptomatic, those who do not present with symptoms required for clearance for COVID-19 swabs, and asymptomatic patients, those who don't show systems but have concerns of having been exposed.

Nurse practitioners at Aurora Concepts and Texas Quick Care are collaborating to offer point of care testing for coronavirus in four counties: Shelby, San Augustine, Nacogdoches and Houston.

Locations for testing include:

Aurora Concepts – use of telehealth is encouraged through or by calling the office 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. In office hours can vary from Telehealth hours and are listed below.

  • 233 Hurst Street, Center, TX (Mon. - Sat., 8am to 5pm. Office 936-591-8171)
  • 1261 E. Loop 304, Crockett, TX (Mon. - Fri., 8am to 5pm; Sat., 9am to 1pm. Office 936-544-0123)

Texas Quick Care – telemedicine is encouraged! Check in online at or call any of our offices. Telemedicine is available 7 days a week during the following hours 7am to 7pm Mon. - Fri.; 8am to 6pm Sat.; 12 noon to 6pm Sun.. In office hours can vary from Telemedicine hours and are listed below.

  • 2608 N. University Dr., Nacogdoches, TX (8am to 12 noon in office. Office 936-205-1099)
  • 606 West Columbia, San Augustine, TX (8am to 5pm Mon. - Thurs.; 8am to 3pm Fri. Office 936-275-2940)
  • 507 N. Jacob St., Timpson, TX (7am to 7pm Mon. - Fri.; 8am to 6pm Sat.; 12 noon to 6pm Sun. Office 936-254-3338)
  • 2310 TX 103, Etoile, TX (8am to 12 noon in office. Office 936-854-2273)
  • Center and Joaquin offices are both doing telemedicine visits from 8am until 12 noon but are not testing.

We encourage anyone needing testing to utilize telehealth services. If testing is needed, we can then come to the vehicle for screening.

  • Go to one of the websites above and click on the Telehealth/Telemedicine Session tab.
  • Enter your name
  • You have to give access to your camera and microphone

You will be placed in the waiting room and one of our staff will be with you shortly! If you have any problems, please call the office number for the location you are wanting.