Piney Woods Photographic Society November Challenge Winners

November 23, 2021 - The Piney Woods Photographic Society held their regular monthly meeting Saturday, November 20, 2021. The workshop was a tutorial on how to photograph Holiday Lights, inside and outside and a field trip was planned to photograph Christmas lights using the tips and techniques learned in the workshop.

The Piney Woods Photographic Society’s goal is to help you become a better photographer and give you a place to meet others who share your passion for photography. Featuring programs and activities with information and instruction for all skill levels in an environment of support and cooperation. Visitors are welcome to attend our meetings with or without a member.

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The top 3 Food challenge favorites are as follows:

November Challenge “FOOD”

1st Place Favorite - "The Real Thing" by Billie F. Jones, Center, TX

2nd Place Favorite - "Caramel Apple Dip" by Anna Jones, Center, TX

3rd Place Favorite - "Lollipop" by Bobbie Jean Wood