Plea Agreement Made in McMahon Case

July 28, 2021 - A plea agreement has been made in two cases against Randa Askew McMahon who was indicted November 8, 2018 for multiple offenses involving a child.

The cases were heard before LeAnn Kay Rafferty, 123rd Judicial District Court Judge, and originally six indictments were made against McMahon and they were two counts of injury to a child, first degree felony; two counts of unlawful restraint, state jail felony; and two counts of abandoning or endangering a child, state jail felony.

McMahon was represented by attorney John Heath, Jr. and the state was represented by Karren Price, 123rd Judicial District Attorney. The plea agreements were filed July 21, 2021, on two of the six charges both for injury to a child, first degree felony.

As per the plea agreements, McMahon agreed to six years deferred adjudication probation, a fine of $3,000, court costs of $300, 200 hours of community service to run concurrent with her probation. Also included in the plea agreement on the two cases, the other four cases were dismissed and she is to have no contact with the victim in the case or the victim's guardian.

McMahon is to submit a DNA sample to the Texas Department of Public Safety for the purpose of a DNA record.

The range of punishment for McMahon, should she not be on probation, would be five to 99 years or life in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, institutional division and a fine not to exceed $10,000.

At this time the case against Matthew McMahon regarding offenses against the same child remains open.

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