Poultry Festival Broiler Show Sale Raises Over $162,000

October 9, 2021 - (Album) - The 2021 Shelby County Poultry Festival Broiler Show Sale ended with 40 exhibitors receiving over $162,000 in scholarship money. 

Grand Champion - Ally Kimbro (Shelby Co 4-H) sold for $9,000 to J.C. Lewis Construction
Reserve Champion - Addison Lloyd (Shelbyville FFA) sold for $7,000 to Farmers State Bank
3rd place - Madilyn Polley (Shelby Co. 4-H) sold for $4,500 to Hawkeye Hunting Club
4th place - Collin Lloyd (Shelbyville FFA) sold for $4,000
5th place - Landree Jousan (Shelby Co. 4-H) sold for $4,500
6th place - Kenley Ramos (Center FFA) sold for $5,000
7th place - Naomie Meyers (Shelby Co. 4-H) sold for $3,000
8th place - Eli Bush (Center FFA) sold for $4,500
9th place - Lance Holloway (Center FFA) sold for $6,999 (*Highest placing senior - $500 Scholarship from Shelby Savings Bank)
10th place - Mayson Harbison (Shelby Co. 4-H) sold for $4,000
11th place - Molly Scull (Shelby Co. 4-H) sold for $3,750
12th place - Logan Meyer (Shelby Co. 4-H) sold for $4,000
13th place - Kate Ford (Center FFA) sold for $3,250
14th place - Brayden Britt (Center FFA) sold for $3,000
15th place - Hollie Hamilton (Joaquin FFA) sold for $4,000
16th place - Kyleigh Hendricks (Shelbyville FFA) sold for $3,000
17th place - Rylan Barbee (Shelbyville FFA) sold for $3,000
18th place - John Ford (Shelby Co. 4-H) sold for $3,000
19th place - Laura Anne Scull (Shelby Co. 4-H) sold for $4,000
20th place - Klayton LaRock (Center FFA) sold for $2,750
21st place - Gabriella Amox (Shelby Co. 4-H) sold for $2,500
22nd place - Addison Camille Whiteside (Shelby Co. 4-H) sold for $3,250
23rd place - Gracie Boyd (Shelby Co. 4-H) sold for $2,750
24th place - Autum Andrusick (Center FFA) sold for $2,750
25th place - Evan O’Rear (Shelby Co. 4-H) sold for $4,250
26th place - Addison Boyd (Shelby Co. 4-H) sold for $2,500
27th place - Baylin Phelps (Shelby Co. 4-H) sold for $3,000
28th place - Mason Perry (Center FFA) sold for $3,000
29th place - Taylor Gutermuth (Timpson FFA) sold for $3,500
30th place - Sayre Hall (Center FFA) sold for $2,750
31st place - Carson Crouch (Shelby Co. 4-H) sold for $6,999
32nd place - Cale Cornelius (Shelby Co. 4-H) sold for $5,000
33rd place - Mason Fults (Joaquin FFA) sold for $2,500
34th place - Avery Metcalf (Timpson FFA) sold for $3,500
35th place - Trista Britt (Center FFA) sold for $3,500
36th place - Julie Bird (Center FFA) sold for $5,000
37th place - Caroline Ramos (Center FFA) sold for $6,000
38th place - Keaton Sigler (Center FFA) sold for $3,500
39th place - Carter Bell (Shelbyville FFA) sold for $4,000
40th place - Kenson LaRock (Center FFA) sold for $5,500

These are preliminary sale results. The full list of buyers along with additional donations will be listed in the official press release.