Rider Recognition for Center High School Fall Semester

February 15, 2023 - Center ISD announces Rider Recognition for the Fall Semester of 2022 for the Center High School campus.

Destiny Tinner - I chose Destiny because she consistently shows initiative in the classroom. She is a leader to her classmates, and I can always count on her to do the work right! (Mrs. Baumann)

Christian Small - I chose Christian because he puts a lot of effort into getting his ideas off the ground, and it has been fun watching him learn how to organize people and events. I am excited to see what he accomplishes in his high school career. (Mrs. Brookshire)

Hollie Herndon - Hollie is an excellent student, well rounded in her studies and self motivated to succeed. She often helps her classmates understand material during lecture and lab activities. (Mr. Miller)
William Lehman - William is always so positive even in the face of adversity. He is the first one to offer to help me if I need help. He is an amazing young man. (Mrs. Bristow)

David Trejo - David is respectful, hardworking, dedicated, kind, and thoughtful. He is a leader amongst his peers and a joy to be around because of his calm demeanor and desire to push his peers to be better. (Mrs. Horton)

Sydney Schriewer - She is an extremely hard worker and strives to do the best she can in all of her classes. She is always willing to help others in the classroom and in general. I have never heard her say anything negative about anyone. No matter the circumstances she always has a smile on her face and is an encouragement to me and everyone around her. (Mrs. Reese)

Autum Andrusick - She is always willing to help anytime she is asked such as with the blood drive or to coordinate other students having EKGs performed for class. She steps up without asking to help put up supplies or restock supplies in our lab. (Mrs. Scarborough)

Obdulio Chaj-Lopez - I taught Obdulio as a freshman and again as a senior. He has always been a good student, but more importantly, I think Obdulio is a good person. He is a kind and loyal friend to his buddies, and he does not make jokes at the expense of others. (Mrs. Brookshire)