Roughrider Academy Graduation Ceremony Recognizes Fortitude of Graduates

July 9, 2020 (Photo Album) - Center ISD celebrated the 2020 Summer Roughrider Academy Graduating class during a commencement ceremony on Thursday, July 2nd in the High School Cafetorium with 19 graduates receiving their diploma despite the challenges of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Roughrider Academy principal Heath Hagler gave praise to the graduates for their fortitude during the pandemic while we were out of school, "They worked hard. Most of them worked harder than I've ever seen them work before. They worked harder at home than they did at school... I was so proud of them." Principal Hagler shared students contacted him and their teachers all hours of the day, "They would stay on top of it, very motivated, and lots of them would work 5, 6, 7, 8 hours a day to work to get done, so I'm extremely proud of them. Words just can't express how proud I am of what they were able to accomplish."

Hagler then presented to the Board of Trustees of Center ISD the graduating students of Roughrider Academy for July 2020 and announced scholarships each graduate received.

The graduates and the scholarships they received are:

  • Zacchaeus Tyrone K. Adams (Roughrider Scholarship and Bonehill Scholarship)
  • Melanie Payge Allan
  • Joshua Alan Barbee (Roughrider Scholarship, Bonehill Scholarship, and Center ISD Employee Scholarship)
  • Allison Rose Bass (Roughrider Scholarship and Bonehill Scholarship)
  • Charles Wayne Carroll, Josmar Dair Cruz (Roughrider Scholarship and Bonehill Scholarship)
  • Sara Diane Davis (Roughrider Scholarship and Bonehill Scholarship)
  • Victor Garcia-Jimenez (Roughrider Scholarship and Bonehill Scholarship)
  • Carter Aaron Jones (Roughrider Scholarship and Bonehill Scholarship)
  • Cailie Helen Kendrick (Roughrider Scholarship and Bonehill Scholarship)
  • Zykevious Ladarien Khourn
  • Traveon Patrick McCallister
  • Jermond Deon Parks, Jr.
  • Savannah Nicole Robertson (Roughrider Scholarship, Bonehill Scholarship, and DETEC Scholarship)
  • Angel Usiel Sequera *Joining National Guard
  • Hayleigh Nichole Smith
  • Jamie Rae Stephens (Roughrider Scholarship, Bonehill Scholarship, Center ISD Employee Scholarship, and Panola College Scholarship)
  • Ku Nay Tee
  • Ashley Johann Vigil