Roughrider Scholarship Foundation Announces Scholarship Recipients

May 10, 2023 - The Catherine Pinkston Roughrider Scholarship Foundation is proud to announce the scholarship award recipients for the Center High School Class of 2023. The awards were presented during a ceremony held May 9th at the school. A total of $150,550 in scholarship money has been awarded by the foundation alone to the CHS and Roughrider Academy Classes of 2023.

The foundation has been helping graduates pursue higher education since 1988 and is 100% donor supported with all gifts ensuring future generations can continue their education. Since its inception, the foundation has given out 2,565 scholarships for a total of $2,325,875. For more information and how you can help provide a scholarship, visit online -

Congratulations graduates!

Roughrider Scholarships ($750)
In memory of Mitchell Bailey – Nathali Abella Hernandez
In honor of Farmers State Bank – Selena Acosta
In memory of Kyle Bush – Eric Allen
In honor of PortACool and memory of William “Bill” Lloyd* – Estefani Alpuche-Tiquet
In memory of Bo Barbe – Damian Alvarado
In memory of Pat Buddin and memory of Homer Bryce* - Cierra Amburn
In memory of Davis Tillotson – Autum Andrusick
In honor of F.L. Moffett Primary – Daniela Angel
In memory of Brent Barr – Emily Arcibar
In honor of Tyson Foods – Yareli Arreola
In honor of General Shelters – Omar Aviles Rojas
In honor of John D. Griffin – Ronald Baires
In memory of Gene Borders – Emily Bennett
In memory of Norris Askew Shelby Co. Bass Anglers – Tramiya Bolton
In honor of the CHS Band-Pride of Shelby County – Bryan Bustos
In memory of Stanley Burgay Shelby Co. Bass Anglers – Erick Bustos
In memory of F.L. Moffett – Zaira Bustos
In memory of Roy ad Wilma Wooley and Class of 1965 – Obed Cadena
In memory of Lexie Jones – Lissa Campos
In memory of James Greer – Christian Caporali
In memory of Gregory Luman – Jesus Chable
In honor of Pilgrims Pride – Obdulio Chaj-Lopez
In honor of Judy Bowers – Jaklyn Contreras
In memory of Clint Weaver – Jeffrey Corbell
In memory of Kathryn Vaughn – Kaylee Cox
In memory of Terry and Pam Bailey – Hagan Craig
In memory of Cody Daniel Bush – Nathan Creech
In memory of Del Shofner – Kaitlyn Davis
In memory of Patricia Kay Lawrence – Jennifer Diaz-Pacheco
In memory of Doice Grant (Band) – Alondra Dominguez Hernandez
In memory of Gene Biddle – Waihett Emerson
In memory of De’Skyshen Crockett – Christopher Evans
In memory of Dean Stewart (Band) – Lesly Figueroa
In memory of Alana Brooke Parker – Xander Fountain
In memory of Ken Sanders – Brooke Gaddy
In memory of Dr. Victor and Wava Mathews – Leonardo Galvan
In memory of Jason Fulbright – Angela Gamez
In memory of Rick Campbell – Sandra Garcia Olan
In memory of Leo Childs and honor of the Class of 1941* - Stephanie Garcia Velazquez
In honor of the Class of 1960 and Class of 1977 – Ashley Garcia-Morales
In memory of Carolyn Irish Bourque – Alaisia Garrett
In honor of the 2016 Band – Christopher Gomez
In memory of Melvin M. Miller – Norma Gomez
In memory of Earl Biggers – Renee Gomez
In memory of Bobby Lee – Graciela Gonzales
In honor of Center Rotary Club and memory of John Alvis Howard* - Hope Gorkhali
In memory of Mattie Dellinger – Carly Gray
In honor of the Class of 1940 – Marcos Gutierrez
In honor of Center Youth Baseball – Kameryn Henry
In memory of Billy Gene Bridges, Sr. – Connor Henson
In memory of Pam Baldwin – Aylen Hernandez
In honor of the Class of 1956 and Class of 1957* - Octavio Hernandez
In memory of Andrew “Andy” Chance – Jennifer Palafox Hernandez
In honor of the 80th Anniversary Band – Adrianna Hines
In memory of Requanah Santifer – Kedrin Hinson
In memory of Tonya S. Bailey – Haley Hooks
In honor of James “Jim” Jones (Band) – Andrea Horton
In memory of Byron McDaniel (Band) – Carolina Jimenez
In memory of Gail Cuculic and honor of The Cuculic Kids – Mckenzie Jones
In memory of Danny Clint Fenton – Klayton LaRock
In honor of James and Becky Greer – Arista Lee
In memory of Mr. and Mrs. W.I. Davis, Sr. and memory of Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Massey* - Israel Leon
In honor of Gail and Janie Cuculic and memory of Gail and Toopie Cuculic* – Zaza Lin
In memory of Tolbert Foster and memory of Mallory Franks* - Alberto Lopez, Jr.
In honor of the CHS DECA Club – Juan Lopez
In memory of Jermichael Rashard Smith – Breia Lout
In memory of Clint Donnan and Clay Donnan – Lucio Melendez
In honor of Carlos and Cathy Fox and memory of Ted Fox – Isobel Mackenzie
In memory of James and Mona Campbell and memory of Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Jones* - Ke’Ambreia Mann
In honor of Shelby Savings Bank and memory of Clyde Monroe* - Anayeli Martinez
In memory of Gene Walker – Wendy Martinez Zamora
In honor of Hallmark/Center Fixtures and Inez and James Harper* - Connor McCauley
In memory of Jamie Campbell Gamble – Ethan McElroy
In memory of Hulon and Carlton Dance – Garrett Mettauer
In memory of Bridges and Maggie Harris – Ler Moo
In memory of Luke “Jack” Motley, Jr. – Jacob Morris
In memory of Mitchell Jetton and memory of Virginia Jetton* - Jordyn Morris
In honor of Becky Yarborough Jean and memory of Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Neilson, Sr.* - Justyn Morris
In honor of Mitchell Jetton (Lions) and Center Noon Lions Club* - Harlon Myers
In memory of Jason Covington – Gracelyn Olivas
In memory of Dolores Walker – James Patrick
In memory of McNeil and Bonnie Moore – Jada Patton
In memory of F.E. Parker and memory of Aileen and Forney Parker* - Madison Pieper
In memory of Vance Payne – Kareana Polk
In memory of Judy Foster – Kaleigh Pratt
In memory of Mann Pinkston and Catherine Pinkston* - Japhet Ramos
In memory of Julian and Rena Taylor and memory of Rayford and Margaret Copelin* - Ambria Randle
In memory of Bob and Mildred Pinkston and memory of Bobby Pinkston* - Gabriel Rebollar
In memory of Larry Polley, Jr. and memory of Walter Rainbolt, Jr.*- Daniel Rivera
In memory of Virginia Leann Fenley – Emilie Rojas
In memory of Gerald Fagan (Band) – Berenice Rojas-Dias
In memory of C.P. (Prentice) and Daliah Sanders – Donneshia Roland McCowin
In memory of Lewis and Johnnie Brown – Victor Romo
In honor of the Shelby Co. Sportsman Committee – Jadan Samford
In memory of Bruce Koonce, Shelby Co. Bass Anglers – Logan Sanford
In memory of David Specter – Lisandra Santos
In memory of Jon, Misty and Macy Bush – Michael Scarber
In memory of Gilbert Link – Connor Scates
In honor of Ray Jones Chevrolet/Center Motor Company – Jesse Snider
In memory of Martin Weaver and memory of Joy Ellington Weaver* – Ru Tah
In honor of Cecil and Virginia Lampley Watlington – Jose Valadez-Hernandez
In memory of Darren Wilson and the Class of 1981* - Braiden Walker
In memory of Lucretia Bussey and Mac and Mattie Lou Bussey* - Breanna Windham
In honor of Fred Wulf – Ryleigh Youngblood
*Shared award

Roughrider Service Award Recipients ($1550 additional funds earned)

Nathali Abella, Damiana Alvarado, Emily Arcibar, Tramiya Bolton, Obed Cadena, Jesus Chable, Kaylee Cox, Hagan Craig, Jennifer Diaz, Alondra Dominguez, Lesly Figueroa, Brooke Gaddy, Angela Gamez, Ashley Garcia, Sandra Garcia, Stephanie Garcia, Graciela Gonzalez, Hope Gorkhali, Carly Gray, Connor Henson, Aylen Hernandez, Kedrin Hinson, Carolina Jimenez, Arista Lee, Juan Lopez, Obdulio Lopez, Daniela Lucio, Anayeli Martinez, Connor McCauley, Ethan McElroy, Garrett Mettauer, Jake Corris, Jordyn Morris, Justyn Morris, Gracelyn Olivas, James Patrick, Kaleigh Pratt, Emilie Rojas, Donneshia Roland, Tucker Scarber, Connor Scates

Roughrider Poultry Festival Scholarship Raffle ($1,000) - Omar Preston

Roughrider Rider Academy ($1,000)

January, 2023 Graduation:
In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Boles – SaMe Bell
In memory of Bruce-Triangle Pacific – Dominik Drake
In memory of Morris Cammack – Kaden Faubion
In honor of Center Plywood – Joanie McDonald
In honor of CocaCola Bottling Co. – Jaquaya Garrett

To be awarded in June, 2023:
In memory of James Innes -
In memory of James Roscoe and Evie Lee McSwain –
In memory of Richard Menefee –
In honor of Riders Roost and Youth Center –
In memory of Minnie Jewel Thomas Rogers –
In memory of Mr. & Mrs. C.P. Scurlock –
In memory of C. Ray and John Tom Scurlock –
In honor of Shelby Regional Training Center -