SCT Viewers Warn of Water Shutoff Phone Scam

September 2, 2015 - Shelby County Today has received multiple reports from viewers concerning a new phone scam involving the threat of having your water disconnected.

Michael Lee was called at 7:30pm and the caller ID displayed 'City of Houston' and the phone number 713-371-1400. The caller informed Lee he needed to pay his water bill immediately over the phone or his water would be disconnected.

Another SCT viewer received a call with the caller ID displaying city hall. The caller threatened water cut off immediately if payment wasn't made. When advised payment had already been made, the caller said the check was returned due to insufficient funds and demanded immediate payment to avoid disconnect.

Utilities will not call customers demanding payment of service over the phone or suffer disconnect. Notices are typically mailed out to customers which warns of a disconnect date. Payments should only be made when you know you are speaking to a representative of the utility such as when you call the company yourself or when going to the place of business. Don't trust a caller who demands payment immediately especially when the call is outside of regular business hours.