Shelby County Family Life Center Celebrates with Ribbon Cutting Event

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August 29, 2022 - Shelby County Family Life Center held a ribbon cutting event Saturday, August 13, 2022, in Center.

Shelby County Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors joined with members of Abundant Love Ministries and community members in celebrating the opening of the facility.

Pastor Marlin Cloudy expressed appreciation to everyone there, the late Rick and James Campbell, and he thanked Shelby Savings Bank. Other ministers from the church spoke and gave praise for being able to celebrate establishing the facility.

Shelby County Family Life Center's purpose is to help better develop the community, offering a wide selection of after school youth activities for the youth as well as adult programs.

Marlin Cloudy Jr. thanked God for the occasion and he stated the building is meant to bring people in the community together from all groups.

"It's going to be a lot more students and youth who should have, and could have, and would have had the opportunity to do the things that a lot of us have done that are going to get that chance now - through your time, through your donations, through your efforts," said Cloudy. "I just want to thank everybody for coming out."

He remarked the dream was that of Pastor Cloudy, and Feleshia Thompson was instrumental in helping push the project forward.

"We'll start an AU program from our county, from our area," said Cloudy. "I'm tired of Houston and Dallas and all of those people going to New York, Going to California. We're going to start a AU program right here in Shelby County, because we have the talent and ability to showcase what we've got here, all over the world."

Planned are training sessions, 3-on-3 tournaments, adult tournaments, family reunion tournaments to name some of the events that are being anticipated.

The Shelby County Family Life Center is located at 1426 ½ Shelbyville Street at the corner of Loop 500 and Shelbyville Street and is affiliated with Abundant Love Church with Marlin Cloudy, Pastor.