Shelbyville ISD 2022-2023 Service Awards/Retirees

June 1, 2023 - Shelbyville ISD congratulates the 2022-2023 Service Awards recipeints and Retirees. Each retiree was presented with their own rocking chair as is tridition on May 31, 2023.  

5 Years: Michael (Mick) Murry, Dominique Roland, Zachary Hubbard, Donniece Bell, Lindsey Snell, Larry (Jason) McDonald, Michael McArthur (not pictured)

10 Years: Ramona Murry, Krishauna Cartwright, Hope Johnson, Stacey Vandrovec

15 Years: Jud Matthews, Adan Ramierez, Emily Sowell, Jeane Taylor (not pictured)

20 Years: Stephany Carter, Stephanie Jones

25 Years: Annette Jernigan, Jada Jones

30 Years: Lisa Eaves

Retirees: Rose Jones, Jeane Taylor, Annette Jernigan, Joyce Dean, Catherine DuVon, Michael Bill Taylor