Shelbyville ISD Retirees, Service Awards

August 12, 2020 - Shelbyville High School conducted its service awards and retirees' ceremony on Monday, August 10.

The event took place in Shelbyville’s High School cafeteria, where faculty and staff gathered to commemorate the valuable members of the school and their longevity in the district.

The retirees for this year are as follows: Kenny Creed with 25 years. Kylie Smith with 28 years, Michael Furlow with 29 years, Evelyn Foster with 30 years and Pam Jamison with 31 years. Each retiree received a wooden rocking chair with their name and years of service as a symbol for appreciation of their effort.

The faculty and staff that have 5 years on campus are: LaRee Greer, Sheila Haddox, Brooke Harrison, Casey Lovell, Leticia Acuna Matthews, Sheron Walton, and Tera White.

The faculty and staff who have completed 10 years are: Lindsay Davis, Amanda Ferguson, Cole Harrison, Jennifer Lindley, Anita Sheppard, and Leslie Wall.

The faculty and staff who have served for 15 years are: Laurie Clay, Rachel Crawford, Scott Gilchrist, Stacey Scarborough, Jennifer Sonmor, and Terry Walton.

The faculty and staff who have completed 20 years of service are: Cassie Jernigan and Amber Swearengen.

The faculty and staff who have served for 25 years are: Kenny Creed, Beth Harrington, and Kelly McDaniel.

Last but not least, with 40 years of unconditional service and excellence in the field, Joyce Dean.

Your years of loyalty and service have been and continue to be a key for the academic success of the students. The district greatly appreciates and admires your labor and loyalty to both the district and the children.