Shelbyville ISD Sophomore Miller Double State Medalist

May 23, 2023 - Shelbyville ISD sophomore, Kaylin Miller, is a double state medalist after she competed on May 17 at the 2023 U.I.L. State Meet in Austin. 

Kaylin competed in both, News writing, earning a second place medal, and Editorial writing, earning a fourth place medal. She earned 20 points for her school at the state level. Shelbyville was 5th place in state overall.

News writing teaches students to read critically, to digest and prioritize information quickly and to write clearly, accurately, and succinctly. Emphasis is placed on mechanical and stylistic precision, lead writing, use of direct and indirect quotes and news judgment. Editorial writing competitors are also judged on their ability to think deeply, to compare and contrast, and to argue or defend a point of view persuasively, in addition to the traits required in News writing. 

Shelbyville Journalism is coached by Claire Windham.