Shelbyville Middle School Students to Compete in Academic UIL Meet

November 21, 2019 - Shelbyville Middle School students will compete at Shelbyville in the District 22AA South Zone Middle School Academic UIL Meet on December 3rd and 5th. Schools competing include Martinsville, San Augustine, Shelbyville and Woden.  

“With more than 3,000 elementary, middle and junior high schools across the state participating in UIL academic competition, teachers encourage students to sample a variety of activities rather than become specialists in one,” said Lisa Parker, UIL Assistant Academic Director. “UIL designs the contests to provide the foundation for skills and experience the students need. Participation in UIL activities is designed to enrich the individual’s learning experience. All contests are created with curricular objectives in mind.”

Competing from Shelbyville:

Art Smart 6 – Maddie Lout, Angelli Ortiz, Nevaeh Lee
Art Smart 7/8 – Trinity Mitchell, Jayleigh Jones, Ionnia Hubbard, 
Calculator Applications 6 – James Jimenez, Travis Caporali, Heavenlee Willoughby, Ella Matthews
Calculator Applications 7 – Malachi Sierra, Taylor Jones, Addison Slocum
Calculator Applications 8 – Eldon Hendrix, Eli Ferguson, Lindsey Sanchez, Jamarria Wright
Chess Puzzle 6-8 – Caleb Davis, Malachi Sierra, Elizabeth Marin, Ashley Wainright
Dictionary Skills 6 – Ethan Jackson, Madolyn Lout, Angelli Ortiz, Cheyanne Lee
Dictionary Skills 7 – Elizabeth Marin, Malachi Sierra, Chance Gray
Dictionary Skills 8 – Tamryn Murphy, Zoe McKinney, Emily Pharris
Editorial Writing 6 – Bailee Bohannon, Jayleigh Jones, Camille Greer
Editorial Writing 7 – Carsey Lovell, Kaylin Smith, Thomas Powell
Editorial Writing 8 – Hallie Merriman. Liela Klein, Chyauna Dodge
Impromptu Speaking 6-8 – Alex Slocum, Kylie Snell, Lanie Bass, Kaylin Smith
Listening Skills 6 – Travis Caporali, Angelli Ortiz, Heavenly Willoughby
Listening Skills 7 – Elizabeth Marin, Lane Loggins, Bradley Jamison
Listening Skills 8 – Kayla Garcia, McKenzie Gillaspie, Addison Slocum
Maps, Graphs & Charts 6 – Angelli Ortiz, Jaycob Blue, Cami Chase
Maps, Graphs & Charts 7 – Jacob Smith, Baylee Whiteside, Taylor Jones
Maps, Graphs & Charts 8 – Kason Parker, E. J. Hendrix, James Spencer
Mathematics 6 – Campbell Chase, Addison Lloyd, Ethan Jackson, Tristan Vickers 
Mathematics 7 – Kylie Snell, Elizabeth Marin, Taylor Jones, Ashley Wainright
Mathematics 8 – Kason Parker, Eli Ferguson, E.J. Hendrix, James Spencer 
Modern Oratory 6-8 – Kayla Garcia, Jesse Vail, Alaina Haley
Music Memory 6 – Trinity Mitchell, Hannah Ross, Ella Mathews
Number Sense 6 – Cami Chase, Addison Lloyd, Ethan Jackson
Number Sense 7 – Malachi Sierra, Elizabeth Marin, Lane Loggins
Number Sense 8 – Kason Parker, EJ Hendrix, Nakyia Swindle
Oral Reading 6 – Cami Chase, Madolyn Lout Jayleigh Jones, Bailee Bohannon,
Oral Reading 7 – Bailee Whiteside, Ja’Bria Jones, Carsey Lovell, Sara Hancock 
Oral Reading 8 – Tamryn Murphy, Liela Klein, Hallie Merriman
Ready Writing 6 – Bailee Bohannon, Jayleigh Jones, Camille Greer
Ready Writing 7 – Carsey Lovell, Elizabeth Marin, Kaylin Miller
Ready Writing 8 –  Kaytlin O’Neal, Jamarria Wright, Franydric Buckley, Gracie Ratcliff
Science I – Kylie Snell, Lane Loggins, Bradley Jamison
Science II – EJ Hendrix, Dylan Parker, Kason Parker
Social Studies 6 – Travis Caporali, James Jimenez, Ethan Jackson, Trace Sims
Social Studies 7 – Thomas Powell, McKenzie Gillaspie, Jacob Smith, Amy Acuna
Social Studies 8 – Logan Brantley, Kason Parker, Chesney Wilkins, Dario Reyes
Spelling 6 – Nevaeh Lee, Harley Risinger, Trinity Mitchell
Spelling 7 – Elizabeth Marin, Allie Jones, Avery Hamilton
Spelling 8 – Eli Ferguson, Jamarria Wright, Tamryn Murphy

One Act Play 6-8– Kaylin Miller, Jesse Vail, Jamarria Wright, Campbell Chase, Hallie Merriman, Tamryn Murphy, Thomas Powell, Eli Shofner, Malachi Sierra, Jacob Smith, Jake Nicosia, Lilly Haley, Jayleigh Jones, Mikayla Wheatley

Coaches:  Jada Jones (Art Smart 6, Art Smart 7/8), Sheila Haddox (Calculator Applications 6, Calculator Applications 7, Calculator Applications 8), Tonya Fenton (Dictionary Skills 6), Claire Windham (Editorial Writing 6, Editorial Writing 7, Editorial Writing 8), Emily Sowell (Impromptu Speaking 6-8), Karen Taylor (Maps, Graphs & Charts 6, Maps, Graphs & Charts 7, Maps, Graphs & Charts 8), Stephanie Bass (Number Sense 6), Jennifer Leach (Oral Reading 6), Jeanne Taylor (Oral Reading 7, Oral Reading 8), Bailee Rash (Ready Writing 6, Spelling 6, Spelling 7, Spelling 8), Pam Jamison (Listening Skills 6), Stephanie Jones (Science I, Listening 7, Listening 8),  Cheryl Alexander (Dictionary Skills 7, Dictionary Skills 8, Science II, Number Sense 7, Number Sense 8),  LaRee Greer (Ready Writing 7, One Act Play 6-8), Annette Belrose  (Modern Oratory 6-8, Ready Writing 8, Social Studies 7, Social Studies 8) , Laurie Clay (Music Memory 6, Mathematics 6), and Anita Sheppard  (Mathematics 7, Mathematics 8, Chess 6-8, Social Studies 6)