Storm Wreaks Havoc to Boles Field Road

April 13, 2019 - A storm wreaked havoc on Boles Field Road which runs east from Shelbyville to Huxley through the Sabine National Forest and was littered with debris and fallen trees.

According to the National Weather Service alert, at 3:11 PM CDT severe thunderstorms were located along a line extending from six miles north of Shelbyville to seven miles west of Pineland, moving east at 25 mph.

Tom Gardner and his wife Katy live on FM 2694, Boles Field Road, just past 'Welcome Hall' and they reported a tornado traveling through and lasting just minutes but left much damage in its wake.

Mrs. Gardner said, "It happened so quick, I come and looked out here and then looked out back and had a big tree done gone down back there. I said 'Lord have mercy.'" They also reported a tree collapsed on a dog kennel next to the house along with tree limbs down all around the property. It was noted leaves were plastered to the side of the house from the strong winds.

Besides the Gardners', other homes down Boles Field Road had trees down on their property as well. 

The Shelbyville Volunteer Fire Department and the Huxley Volunteer Fire Department were paged out to help remove a large number of trees across the roadway. The Texas Department of Transportation then arrived with heavy equipment and moved the remaining debris off the roadway and pushed fallen trees into the woodline and as far away from the road as possible.

Along the edge and deep in the Sabine National Forest trees could be seen with the tops freshly snapped off.