Strut, Cluck, Crow Performances Wow the Audience at Poultry Festival

All the participants return to the stage at the end for a group performance.

October 12, 2021 (More Photos) - The fan favorite of the East Texas Poultry Festival, the “Strut, Cluck, and Crow” Chicken Clucking contest, was well attended Saturday, October 9th with chicken cluckers of all ages joining together on the stage to win crowing rights for the year.

New creativity was shown on stage with clucking of “Jingle Bells” by a Christmas Chicken, a poultry version of the popular kid's song “Baby Shark,” and a performance of "God Bless America" with a “bock” twist.

Even an interpretive evolution of the life cycle of a chicken from egg to becoming a crowing rooster was given.

Gabby Hughes, age 6, wows the emcee Chris Watlington with her performance.

Judging by the volume of applause by the audience, the crowd favorite was a performance by Gabby Hughes, age 6, when she chirped pitch perfect to the sound of a real chick. It was her first time competing.

The youngest performer was Amelia Windham, age 2, and when she was asked what did the chick say, she replied, "Two." However, Amelia did soon find her chick voice with "bock."

The winners in each age group were announced and presented awards by Poultry Festival Senior Queen Emilee Elliott and Junior Queen Carly Gray.

Peeps (Age 5 & up)
1st place - Sawyer Marsh
2nd place - JoAnna Lowe
3rd place - Amelia Windham

Chicks (Ages 6-11)
1st place - Gabby Hughes
2nd place - Zac Payne
3rd place - Slayde Porter

Pullets (Age 12-16)
1st place - Edgar Carvale
2nd place - Abby Burhalter
3rd place - Haven Allen

Roosters and Hens (17 and up)
1st place - Clayton Windham
2nd place - Chase Mayfield
3rd place - William Jacobs