T & R's Steaks and More Renovates Buffet Bar to Provide Safer Dining Experience

The buffet is open again!

June 1, 2020 - The pandemic has left its mark on businesses causing many to have to deal with unimaginable new challenges. T & R's isn't one to back down from a challenge and owners Tommy and Rose Specter have renovated their restaurant to make a better and safer environment for their patrons.

The new buffet has the same great food!

T & R's has pulled out their self-serve buffet bar and replaced it with a they-serve-you, cafeteria style, 'buffeteria' bar filled with the familiar choice of entrees and more. They want to make sure that everyone who comes in enjoys a comfortable and good experience. The germ-o-phobics or Monks of the world who have avoided for years the 'everyone's hands on' buffet style restaurant can celebrate and enjoy T & R's great food as so many others.

The Specters reassure everyone that they are still an 'All You Can Eat' restaurant, hiring more employees so they can serve their customers in a safe and friendly way amid COVID-19's new rules.

Served to you by buffet attendants.

They explain their new procedures to provide the safest environment for their employees and their much loved customers, "All of our employees will be wearing masks, gloves, and we have sanitizer at several locations around the restaurant for your convenience. Our buffet is strictly being served by our employees. There is no self serve, and this will not likely change in the future. There will be no hugging, shaking of hands between our customers and employees. We apologize to our huggers, but this is a safety issue for us with our employees and our customers. We hope to see you, either inside or by our curbside."

With the dining area now open, the Specters reassure their customers with concerns, "We will still have take out and curbside service. We understand we still have some that don't feel comfortable or can't afford to take the chance. We also had quite a few request for the convenience of curbside. We can only sit at 50%, so if we are busy, we ask that you come put your name on our list and then wait in your car. We will come get you when we have seating available. Also please be patient with our waitstaff as they have to sanitize the table and chairs when a customer leaves. This takes a few minutes more. We have implemented these changes to follow CDC guidelines, and for the safety of our customers and employees."

The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday 11am till 8pm and Sunday 11am till 4pm.

Out with the old and in with the new safer and friendlier buffet!

Come see the final transformation in person.