Tenaha HS Graduation Ceremony, Scholarship Recipients

May 19, 2023 (Photo Album) - The Tenaha High School commencement ceremony for the Class of 2023 was held Thursday evening, May 18 in the Special Events Center.

High School Principal John Thompson announced, "Mr. Fallon, these students have successfully completed all requirements mandated by the State of Texas Education Agency. By the authority vested to me by the State of Texas and the Tenaha Board of Education, I present to you senior class of 2023." Superintendent Don Fallin encouraged the class to use their degree to take them as far as they want to go in life whether it be at work or at a college of higher learning. He then accepted the class as graduates of Tenaha High School.

The following scholarships were awarded during the ceremony.

  • SFA, Highest Ranking Senior Scholarship - Leticia Balladares-Lopez
  • Friends of Shelby County Go Texan Committee - Aaron Flores
  • Bonehill Foundation Scholarship - Leticia Balladares-Lopez, Kim Cave, Eneida Gonzalez, Daniel Loredo, Dafne Pelcastre, Emily Perales, Evan Plata, Luke Ward, Jaxson Eubank
  • 50-Yard Line Scholarship, In memory of Sam Henry Roe, presented by Sammy Roe - Aaron Flores
  • Mike (Runt) Ramsey Scholarship - Emily Chambliss, Takavion Wilson
  • Steven Farmer Memorial - Kim Cave, Eneida Gonzalez
  • Floyd "Dock" Watson Memorial - Kim Cave
  • Shelby County Cruisers - Kaylan Wagstaff
  • Janie Glenn Memorial - Kadence Polley
  • Tenaha Booster Club - Aaron Flores, Eneida Gonzalez
  • Tenaha Businessmen's Club - Leticia Balladares-Lopez, Takavion Wilson
  • Tenaha Together Scholarship - Makalie Black, Mckaelen Reynolds
  • Shanna Dagley Memorial - Makalie Black
  • Tenaha 4th Grade Economics Class - Joshua Albert, Estrella Bustamante
  • Association for Compensatory Educators of Texas - Eneida Gonzalez
  • SAKS Of Love Humility Award - Da'Nius Lloyd (Volunteered over 50 Hours), Kadence Polley
  • Justin R. Adams (1997 Graduate of Tenaha, Retired Master Sergeant of the Air Force) - Kadence Polley¬†
  • Triumph Youth Leadership - Kadence Polley
  • Tenaha Masonic Lodge - Emily Chambliss, Jaxson Eubank
  • Sandi Sinclair Foundation (Laptop) - Aaron Flores
  • Farmers State Bank - Aaron Flores
  • Panola College Band Scholarship - Christian Alcantar, Emily Chambliss, Jaxson Eubank, Aaron Flores, Dafne Pelcastre
  • Panola College Leadership Scholarship - Da'Nius Lloyd, Emily Perales, Evan Plata
  • Panola College Welding Scholarship $1,500 - Joe Perez
  • Louisiana Tech University Full Academic Scholarship - Luke Ward