Time Change This Sunday; Annual Check-Ups Important

November 2, 2019 - It's fall back time... Sunday, November 3rd at 2am, daylight savings time ends and clocks roll backward 1 hour.

At the beginning or end of daylight savings time is a good time to do a routine check of items in your house. Test items such as smoke detectors and install new batteries to help keep your family and home safe. Check your hot water heaters and other areas which aren't seen regularly.

Clean out dryer vent hoses which can become clogged with lint and cause dryers to not perform as well. Lint is highly combustible and decreased airflow can cause overheating of the exhaust ducting resulting in a fire. After inspecting and cleaning out the dryer vent ducting, check to make sure when you push the dryer back in place that the duct doesn't have a bend causing poor air flow.

Lastly, annual checkups for pets is great too!

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