Timpson Area Chamber, Community Attends Our Town Times Ribbon Cutting

January 5, 2015 - The Timpson Area Chamber of Commerce, community members, family and friends attended a ribbon cutting for the new Our Town Times, formerly known as Timpson & Tenaha News, with owner Chad Pate on Monday, January 5, 2015.

Paul Smith, Chamber of Commerce President, said, "The new year began with Timpson on the balance of maintaining or losing the oldest business in town." He continued speaking about the history of Timpson & Tenaha News saying it is the oldest business in town which had announced at the end of the year it would be no more.

"Thanks to a hometown young man (who) just days earlier received his college degree, Chad Pate took on the challenge to continue this paper. Chad has energy, lots of youthful ideals, and the ability to accomplish them" spoke Smith. He spoke about changes and how Timpson and Shelby County is growing and said what we have to do is grow with it.

Smith finished by saying, "Thank you Chad for taking this responsibility on and helping our town out."

Chad Pate then cut the ribbon and invited everyone to enjoy refreshments and visit with one another. Pate said, "I really appreciate everybody that is here in support; it really means a lot. You guys and all the surrounding communities and surrounding towns have been showing unbelievable support for us and encouragement and that has really meant a lot." He also mentioned appreciation of the staff saying, "I may be the owner but this is your paper and that's really important to me, all of us. The greatest things that came along with this has been the staff that was here." Pate finished saying, "Thank you and I really look forward to going into the 130th year."

Local officials attending was City of Timpson Mayor Debra Smith, City of Tenaha Mayor Orintha Johnson, and Tenaha City Council Member Claudine Howard.