Timpson ISD Celebrates New Collegiate, Event Center with Dedication Ceremony (Videos)

April 10, 2019 - Timpson ISD celebrated  the completion of the new Collegiate and Events Center on April 8, 2019 with members of the community, students and faculty.

Dr. Mid Johnson, Timpson ISD Superintendent, welcomed all to the event and introduced several speakers. 

Johnson also spoke of the relationship Timpson ISD shares with Stephen F. Austin State University, Panola College and other educational entities. 

"We greatly appreciate the help that we have received from Panola College and Stephen F. Austin State University and other institutions of higher learning," said Johnson. "We are extremely proud and grateful for the work that they have done to help us in that endeavor."

Those he introduced included Dr. Gregory Powell, Panola College President; Dr. Steve Bullard, SFA Provost Vice President for Academic Affairs; and Dr. Russell Marshall, Retired Superintendent and 1977 Timpson High School Graduate. 

"Congratulations on this beautiful facility and Panola College so much appreciates the partnership with Timpson ISD," said Dr. Powell.

Each speaker had encouraging words to share with all present and exuded enthusiasm about the opportunities offered to students.

"There's an old proverb that if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together. That's what we're doing here, we want to go far with you, we want to go together with you," said Dr. Bullard. "I want to thank again Dr. Johnson and leaders here for partnering with SFA, we do think that Bears make great Lumberjacks."

Dr. Marshall commended the students present on the respect they demonstrated for each of the speakers during the event. He left a final thought as the program came to a close.

"It's the starting point to a better world in the belief it is possible, gonna begin with me. Thank you very much today, it has been an honor to come back home, and I wish y'all the very best. You can do it."

Dr. Johnson then recognized donors and participants in the construction of the facility. Those honored included McKinley and Golden Architects with David D. Golden receiving the presented certificate; Berry & Clay Commercial Construction with Eric Berry receiving a certificate on behalf of the company. Finally Kyle Bridges received a certificate on behalf of Austin Bank.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held in the front of the building and a tour continued thereafter of the Collegiate Center, with several of the students benefiting from the new facility accompanying those in attendance.