Todd Jamison Announces Candidacy for Commissioner Pct 2

December 8, 2021 - My name is Todd Jamison. I would like to introduce myself as a candidate for Shelby County Commissioner Pct 2. I am a lifelong Shelby County resident, all of it living within Pct 2, and a 1979 graduate of Shelbyville High School.

Having 35+ years of working my way up in the oilfield, I have experience with heavy equipment as well as supervising employees. All of which will be beneficial in maintaining your roads and working with the current county employees. However, County Commissioners have the added responsibility of being on the Commissioners Court and participating in county business decisions. I have experience negotiating and managing service contracts with third party providers and delivering results on budget and on time. Years of attending, as well as conducting meetings with other members of management and employees, I can clearly express my views, but also have the ability to understand other views and have an organized discussion to reach agreeable outcomes.

My goal is to not only improve and maintain Pct 2 county roads, but also to be an active participant in decisions to better the overall county.

I encourage everyone to vote in the Primary Election on March 1, 2022.