Two Contestants Take the Heat for 1st Place in "Wing It" Contest

October 13, 2022 (Photo Album) - Eight contestants were brave enough to step up to the plate at high noon on October 8 in the “Wing It” contest sponsored by McWilliams and Sons at the 46th Annual East Texas Poultry Festival.

Rose Specter with T/R’s Steaks and More and Endless Possibilities was over the wings and when two of the contestants passed the Carolina Reaper heat level the contest had to end in a tie for the first time in its history.

Allen Nestle from Center, Texas and Weston Boyd from Georgetown, Texas both took the heat to win 1st place in the hottest contest of the festival!

The regretfully hot level of hot sauce which determined the win was Elijah’s Xtreme - Xtreme Regret (Screaming Hot) which is made with two of the hottest peppers in the world: Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Scorpion Peppers. It has a heat level of 800,000* Scoville Heat Units. The heat order was Frank's Buffalo sauce, Frank's Buffalo sauce Extra Hot, Extreme Regret Ghost Pepper, Extreme Regret Scorpion, and the tie breaker Carolina Reaper sauce.