Will All Four Corners of Center's Downtown Be Open Today? (Update)

A view of San Augustine Street from the Austin Street intersection. The barricade is still in place.

April 8, 2021 - Striping is happening on the newly renovated downtown Center square! Will this evening or tomorrow be when the barricades are finally removed?

A view of Austin Street from the San Augustine Street intersection.

Update: Several Shelby County Today viewers have asked if the square will once again be two lanes and the answer is yes. The inside lane will be a turn only lane. The striping on the roadway will be coming soon which will help with the confusion.

April 6, 2021 - Will Tuesday, April 6th be the day? The day all four corners of the square are open once again?

Since October 8, 2019, downtown Center travelers have had to navigate detours around the square to get to one side or the other. The long haul of contruction, 546 days, made it a thrilling sight Monday evening, April 5th to see the black asphalt being paved on the final section of the construction to connect the corner of Shelbyville Street and San Augustine Street with the rest of the square.

If the barriers are not removed Tuesday because the newly paved asphalt has to be allowed to harden and cure, seeing it gives hope the construction journey is truly almost over.

Use caution when traveling downtown because even if all four corners of the square reopen today, contractors may still be working downtown putting in the final touches. Also, remember the square is one way directional travel once it reopens all the way around. Signs are up indicating the two-way traffic once allowed during construction will be no more. The inside lane is a left turn only lane.

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