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In the Batters Box with Brad Taylor: Issue Eight - The Batter Never “Sees” The Ball (Pd Adv)

July 27, 2020 - What kind of statement is that? How can a man who is writing about baseball and softball in general, and about hitting in particular, ever make a claim so outlandish? The batter never sees the ball?

Well, I can. I did. It’s true, and I’ll prove it to you. Don’t just “listen” to what you are about to read, “hear” the words and “learn” from them.

In the Batters Box with Brad Taylor: Issue Seven Young Ladies and Softball - A Style of Their Own (Pd Adv)

July 20, 2020 - In softball, a popular concept of batting (in every part of the country), is for the batter to set up in the batter’s box with her front foot forward of the plate. They, too many coaches and most players, have not considered that method as completely as they might have.

When I ask a player why she sets up so far forward, the most frequent answer I get is, “when the pitcher throws a drop pitch, I can hit it before it drops too low to hit.”

In The Batter’s Box with Brad Taylor: Issue 6 Torque, The Storehouse (Of?) Or (For?) (Pd Adv)

July 13, 2020 - TorqueThe action that causes rotation or twisting. (Extremely important).

Fact: Torque initiates or gives birth to power. (Memorize that sentence---do not forget it).
Fact: Power creates energy.
Fact: Torque is a storehouse (of) energy.
Fact: Torque is a storehouse (for) energy.

In the Batters Box with Brad Taylor: Issue 5 Speed Versus Quickness, A Race Seldom Run (Pd Adv)

July 6, 2020 - This letter is not directed just to coaches, parents, and grandparents of kids playing baseball and softball, but to every parent living in Shelby County. The following is vital to you as a caregiver to your young.

If you are a parent with a child age seven to seventeen, ask your child this question:

“If you had your choice, would you rather be the fastest boy or girl in the world, or the quickest boy or girl in the world?”


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