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In the center, Walter "Buster" Bounds surrounded by his family

May 20, 2015 -  (More Photos) Walter "Buster" Bounds was honored by the Shelby County Historical Commission when the title of Town Historian was bestowed upon him on Thursday, May 14, 2015 in the courtroom of the Historic Courthouse. He is only the second Town Historian to be named; the first being Mattie Dellinger.

Prior to presenting Bounds with a plaque, Shelby County Historical Commission president, Colleen Doggett said, "Buster [Bounds] is being honored even though he is very humble and he says he doesn't know all that much about the history and doesn't know why he would be honored in this way. But he is a humble person. I've never gone to Buster and asked for information or help with something that the answer is always yes, it's never no."

Doggett addressed the large crowd in attendance at the Historic Courthouse, "We're here to honor someone who from high school days has been preserving history." Doggett referenced an interview she had with Bounds, "Buster told me a story about his high school days when he was the editor of the yearbook and he had access to all the class pictures and everything. So, he carried them home to work on and he didn't take them back up to school which turned out to be a good thing because the next year the school burned down. So, see he started preserving history when he was about 18."

Morris Bounds, Buster’s father, started at the insurance agency in 1965 dividing his time between insurance and managing Lunsford Buick Company. The Bounds family also raised chickens in the old days before Shelby County converted to modern broiler houses. His cousin H. B. “Bob” Bounds ran the Bounds Processing Plant located behind the old ice house from 1946 well into the 1950s and processed the first batch of chickens for Mr. Cordray that brought the modern growing methods to Shelby County. Buster is the third child of three children and the only boy. During his youth the family lived on Pecan Street which isn't far from the square allowing him to be able to walk all over the town and be observant of what was happening. He met his wife, Carolyn Bounds, after accepting a teaching job at Ottawa Township High School in Ottawa, Illinois. After marrying, the couple moved back to Center and began running the insurance agency.

Dixie Dellinger, daughter of the 1st Town Historian Mattie Dellinger, thanks Buster Bounds for the kind words about her mom."Now before I knew Buster very well, I would see him around town with his video camera doing a school play out at Shelbyville and this and that. It didn't matter. He's been to Garden Club, Reading Club, for different programs for filming." She continued to say, "What is really wonderful; people know that Buster has served as the chairman of the Historical Commission and they'll drop things by and he has a wonderful long filing closet that the first time I saw it it was stacked almost to the ceiling with old maps and this and that." Doggett referenced when she needed something for research he knew exactly where to find it.

"When you have family stories write them down; listen to the people. When you have family photographs and there in a frame or whatever put a little envelope on the back that tells who all the people were and what the occasion was for that picture to be made," explained Doggett was good advice Bounds gave many times at historic cemetery dedications.

His video archive includes interviews with people telling the history of the area, events, ribbon cuttings, reunions, celebrations, birthday parties, band and choir concerts, parades, piano recitals, awards ceremonies, ground breaking, open houses, plays, weddings, funerals, honorees, book reviews, weather events, changes in the business community, flower shows, demonstrations, dedications, and the list goes on and on.

Bounds wanted to express a word or two as he unfolded a speech bringing chuckles and smiles from the audience, "Surprises are greatly overrated and I would like to say a word or two but I'll talk fast." "I did want to thank the members of the Historical Commission. I am truly humbled to be designated town historian and I will not take the responsibility lightly, I promise.

"My contribution to the collective wisdom will be different from what the past Town Historian, Mattie Dellinger, collected and passed on to us. Mattie passed down a written legacy of her detailed insights into our community and the families that we call this place 'home.' There will never be anyone, Dixie [Dellinger], never anyone like Mattie. She and her brand of collective wisdom are greatly missed. You can find all her newspaper articles in the museum in one book.

"I shouldn’t tell this - I tried to out-Mattie Mattie once. I decided I was going to challenge her with a story about Rebie Childs who was convicted of murder in the 1930s and she spent her time while in Huntsville singing with a popular vocal group on the radio. Mattie listened to be sure I didn't know anything new about the Rebie Childs and she responded with kindness, “Yes, Rebie and I were in the same Sunday School class and I never trusted her.” And, to finish with a slam-dunk -- honest truth -- Town Historians don’t lie; she fished around in her purse and found a yellowed copy of the front page of the Light Champion filled with pictures and details about Rebie’s trial. Mattie and her memories are truly missed. There will never be another Mattie Dellinger.

"My contribution is though a new medium – a medium that is tricky to collect and very tricky to preserve and use. It is the medium of video. In the past few years I’ve collected over 14 TB of video and audio files which represents roughly 1,400 hours of filming.

"It is depressing to realize that I’ve stored more video than anyone will ever see -- or want to see. Few of my projects have a commercial value but my hope is that they will have a legacy value for 'our people.'

"Today we have an opportunity, everybody has a video camera or a cell phone, or whatever it is they are using and commercial value is not the only gauge for success. I’m still collecting at the rate of around 3 TB per year and as cameras upgrade – a certainty – that number could easily double. And before my lights and microphones get switched off, I hope to have tamed all this information into a searchable database that actually can be used. That may be the hardest part.

"Again, thanks for honoring me and my work with this designation. I can’t think of anything more satisfying than to be told that my work is important to the community I love and I love you all."

Following the plaque presentation and the speech, everyone was invited to enjoy refreshments in the transportation room downstairs.

May 20, 2015 - Marie Kocyan, Program Chair, and Linda Bordelon, Secretary of the Pineywoods Beekeepers Association presented the May program to 46 members and guests in Lufkin.

Linda discussed her latest research on East Texas flowers, plants, and trees that honey bees love, and the importance of maintaining a native habitat and natural landscape for healthy bees in backyard beekeeping.

Marie showed slides of the Toledo Bend Wildscape with flowers, plants, and trees that bees love.

Member Beekeepers then shared information on their own native and cultivated plants for their bees.

 May 19, 2015 - TransAlive USA announces the release of Bob Hataway's latest book entitled "Provoked by an Angel". The book recounts Bob Hataway's venture into the transportation industry beginning when he was 14. Working with his uncle in Center; he serviced the big rigs until he later had his own company.

You can find his new non-fiction book in it's entirety on-line at http://www.provokedbyanangel.com. The book will take you from his desire to be a part of the trucking industry to his move into full time ministry with drivers nationwide.

Bob Hataway was born in Center, Texas; raised in Paxton and Tenaha; and graduated high school in Center in 1959. He received his degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1975 with an emphasis in theology. He pastored for 5 years in the local area.

May 19, 2015 - The Golden Harvest Ministries Club met May 18, 2015 in the Fellowship Hall of the First Baptist Church . Joe Anderson called meeting to order. He welcomed all who were able to come in spite of the rain. Mr. Anderson called on Ellen Manning to lead the opening prayer. Harold Hanson led us as we sang “At Calvery” and “At the Cross.” Terry Gray played the piano for us as we sang.

Mike Bordelon celebrates his birthday this month and we sang for him. Vance and Betty Green are celebrating their 59th wedding anniversary this month. We sang Happy Anniversary for them. David Bain asked the blessing on the food and everyone enjoyed the meal.

Linda Anderson, Program Chair, introduced the Grateful Hearts Trio: Kelly Parker, Patti Pustka and Shelley Locke.

Their presentation was full of worshipful songs including “Have You been to Jesus” and “I have just seen Jesus” and Jesus Christ what a Mighty name.” The music was just beautiful. We were challenged to pray for those whose do not know where they are going when they die.

Mr. Anderson noted that music is a universal language. He gave appreciation for the lovely fresh plant center pieces and for the volunteers who help in the kitchen. Minutes of the last meeting were read and Ann Forbes noted that the date for Texas Independence Day needed to be corrected. Betty Green gave the treasures report. Ann Forbes went over the list of prayer needs including hospitalizations, those in nursing homes and those on the sympathy list since the last meeting. Our list has names of those serving our country and missionaries and others who have special needs. We had a closing prayer.

Submitted by Ellen Manning

May 19, 2015 - American Pickers episode filmed in Joaquin will be aired this Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at 8:00 pm Central Time on the History Channel.

According to the American Pickers website, the episode named "Texas Hold 'Em" features Joaquin resident Dennis Leggett. Mike and Frank finally get access to their white whale pick, but not-for-sale Dennis earned his nickname for a reason; in Texas, the guys meet a collector who's filled an entire town with his mammoth stockpile.

Tune in to watch: Dish Network channel 120 or Direct TV channel 269.



May 19, 2015 - The Shelby Savings Bank Relay for Life team announces the winners of the raffle which were drawn Friday during the Relay for Life event.

The winners are: Leroy Newman won the 2 Yeti coolers, Lori Davis won the 55” LED TV, Michael Lee won the 128GB iPad & $100 iTunes giftcard, and Dr. Dixon Golden won the 12 gauge shotgun.

Thank you to everyone who supported the team in their efforts to help raise money for the Shelby County Relay for Life which benefits the American Cancer Society.

May 17, 2015 - Grand Champion Cook Team - (Tied) Long Neck Sippers BBQ Association and Midnight Smokers

Chicken Category
 1st Place - (118 pts) Midnight Smokers, 'Catfish' Josh Campbell, Tenaha
 2nd Place - (109 pts) Rub Me Tender, Johnny Burgess, Timpson
 3rd Place - (107 pts) Long Neck Sippers BBQ Association, Sean Miller, Benton, Louisiana

Ribs Category
 1st Place - Long Neck Sippers BBQ Association, Sean Miller, Benton, Louisiana
 2nd Place - Midnight Smokers, 'Catfish' Josh Campbell, Tenaha
 3rd Place - Rub Me Tender, Johnny Burgess, Timpson

Brisket Category
 1st Place - Long Neck Sippers BBQ Association, Sean Miller, Benton, Louisiana
 2nd Place - Midnight Smokers, 'Catfish' Josh Campbell, Tenaha
 3rd Place - Rub Me Tender, Johnny Burgess, Timpson

Kite Flying Contest
 Highest Flying - Will Ramsey
 Most Colorful - Ashlynn McNutt
 Largest - Chloe Marie Stanley
 Smallest - Sky Peveto
 Best Made - Breanna Schubert

Biker Contest
 Oldest Rider - Roland Brittian, Tenaha
 Furthest Traveled - Roland Brittian, Tenaha
 People Choices - Jason Terry, Timpson

May 16, 2015 - The Delta Gamma Chapter of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International celebrated a Founders' Day Ceremony at their May meeting to show appreciation and gratitude for the twelve women whose vision and foresight founded the Society.

Dr. Annie Webb Blanton had a dream of a society of women teachers, and she founded the group on May 11, 1929. The Delta Gamma Chapter serves key women educators in Sabine, San Augustine, and Shelby Counties.

Representing these counties from left: Melba Pahal, Elaine Snider, Carolyn Hooker, Billie Jean Kay, Tammy Sparks, Maggie Bowden, Judy Adkison, President Fannie Watson, Nora Robinson, Billie Bailey, Ceremonies Chairman Linda Bordelon, Barbara Taylor, Carol McMillan, Phyllis Griffin, Sylvia Jackson, and Gail Sholar.

Submitted by Linda Bordelon

May 16, 2015 - During National Nursing Home Week, Holiday Nursing Center recognized their volunteers with a Fiesta Luncheon. Volunteers were rewarded with door prizes and gift cards in appreciation for their services. Holiday Nursing Center wishes to thank each volunteer for everything they do.

“Blessed are those who volunteer with no thought of recognition or reward.”

Holiday Nursing Center celebrated Family Fiesta Night on Tuesday, May 12th. Families and residents enjoyed Bingo, great food, door prizes and fiesta music. Thank you to all of the families, residents and staff that made Family Fiesta Night a great success.

Holiday Nursing Center is proud to recognize our residents during National Nursing Home Week. Holiday Nursing Center – where your best way home is through our doors.

May 16, 2015 - Sam Samford Masonic Lodge #149, presented the Golden Trowel to Secretary, Roger Doyle. The Golden Trowel is the highest award that a lodge can present to a member. It is awarded to a member who exhibits continued service above that which is normally expected. The award was presented by Worshipful Master, Ron Barker. Roger and his wife Judy were escorted by member Clay Ihlo.