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Starting Feb. 17- Antman & the Wasp

Closed Wednesdays, Thursdays
Box office opens at 7:00pm. Showtime at 7:30pm.
Admission is $8 for adults and $7 for children.
Senior Citizen's Night
Mondays - $6 Admission

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October 10, 2015 - The Center Roughrider Class of 1957 made a $5,000 donation to the Catherine Pinkston Roughrider Scholarship Foundation (RSF) Friday morning, October 9th. The donation will provide a perpetual scholarship to a graduating senior each year forward. Accepting the donation on behalf of the RSF was scholarship foundation representatives Jerry Pinkston, Becky Jeans, and Lisa McAdams. Following the donation, the class enjoyed breakfast at Pickles and Petunias.


October 7, 2015 - While most people are prepping for Halloween during October, outdoorsmen and women will also be gearing up for this fall’s hunting seasons. To support these conservation-minded hunters and anglers gearing up for the fall, Bass Pro Shops has designated the entire month of October as Ducks Unlimited (DU) month.

During the month of October, Bass Pro Shops’ retail stores in the United States will offer the “Round-up for Conservation” program at the register when making purchases. In addition to the donations from customers, Bass Pro will match each donation by 50 percent.

“DU Month is but one more way Bass Pro Shops Founder Johnny Morris and his associates at Bass Pro Shops support conservation and the Ducks Unlimited mission,” said DU CEO Dale Hall. “His generosity has put DU in front of tens of thousands of outdoorsmen and women across the country. The great team at Bass Pro doesn’t just advocate for conservation, they help make it happen.”

Last year’s DU Month raised nearly $100,000 for wetlands and waterfowl conservation delivery. Since its inception in 2007, the program has raised nearly half a million dollars for conservation.

For more information about DU Month, visit


October 6, 2015 - The Center Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank all the people that purchased raffle tickets for our gun raffle. We would also like to thank the businesses that donated these guns. The money raised will be very useful in purchasing needed equipment for the department.

The following people were the winners of the guns:

Rhonda Snider, Henry Golden Boy 22Lr
Donated By: Raymond Construction

Debra Worsham, Henry Golden Boy 22Lr
Donated By: Raymond Construction

James McCoy, Youth 20ga shotgun
Donated By: 4C Electric

Wayne Fudge, Duck Commander 500 12Ga
Donated By: Shelby Savings Bank

Cal Parker, 7mm-08 rifle
Donated by Roy Blackshear

October 6, 2015 - Jackie Kirkwood retired from the Air Force Reserves on Saturday, September 12, 2015 after 28 years 3 months and 17 days of service. He retired as a Master Sergeant, Chaplain Assistant for the 307th Bomb Wing at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana.

Kirkwood of Tenaha, Texas is the principal for the Shelby County Alternative Educational Cooperative which represents seven school districts in Shelby and San Augustine counties. He is a helps with the GriefShare program hosted by First Baptist Church of Tenaha.

He was selected as the chaplain assistant of the year for 2012 and received the Air Force Achievement medal in 2013 and the Air Force Commendation medal in 2014 for his dedication and service to the chaplain candidate program. He has served as a flight non-commissioned officer and the superintendent for the chaplain candidate training program.

Editor's note: Thank you for your years of service to our Country and congratulations on your retirement!

October 6, 2015 - The Center Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank all the people thatpurchased raffle tickets for our gun raffle.  We would also like to thank the businesses that donated these guns.  The money raised will be very useful in purchasing needed equipment for the department.

The following people were the winners of the guns:

Rhonda Snider  Henry Golden Boy 22Lr
Donated By: Raymond Construction
Debra Worsham  Henry Golden Boy 22Lr
Donated By: Raymond Construction

James McCoy  Youth 20ga shotgun
Donated By: 4C Electric

Wayne Fudge  Duck Commander 500 12Ga
Donated By: Shelby Savings Bank

Cal Parker  Ruger 7mm-08
Donated By: Roy Blackshear

October 5, 2015 - The 2015 East Texas Poultry Festival broiler sale brought over $113,098 with the grand champion pen of broilers selling for $8,000.00.

97 Shelby County 4-H and FFA youth exhibited at this year's show, with 50 pens of broilers making the sale. We would like to give special thanks to the Judge Alisa Zulkowski for taking the time to come judge the show. Ms. Zulkowski spoke to several of the exhibitors and gave them several tips of how to grow an outstanding Broiler.

The Results of the show are as follows:

Aaron Gilchrist of Shelbyville 4-H sold his grand champion pen of broilers to Farmers State Bank for $8,000.00.

Lance Holloway of Center 4-H won reserve champion honors with his pen of broilers, which sold to McAdams Propane for $4,000.00

Other county 4-H and FFA members selling their pens and buyers were:

3. Justin Hooper, Joaquin FFA; Shelby Savings Bank, Hunter Buildings, General Shelters, Ray Jones Chevrolet; $1,750.00

4. Lane Loggins, Shelbyville 4-H; Shelby County Farm Bureau; $1,500.00

5. Emilee Elliott, Center 4-H; Borders Poultry; $3,250.00

6. Chance Shuemaker, Joaquin FFA; Cornerstone Construction; $2,250.00

7. Deakon Kay, Shelbyville 4-H; Automotive Collision Specialist; $2,250.00

8. Caleb McDonald, Center FFA; Sandhill Foundation and Granny Borders; $3,999.00

9. Levi Birdwell, Center 4-H; Wiggins Farms; $1,750.00

10. Logan Holloway, Center 4-H; Borders Poultry/Heritage Land Bank; $2,750.00

11. Colby Lout, Center 4-H; R&D Distributing; $2,500.00

12. Chandler Pritchett, Joaquin FFA; LOS-O’Rears; $1,250.00

13. Brynna Birdwell, Wiggins Farms/Balcony; $2,000.00

14. Mason Barbee, Shelbyville 4-H; East Texas Poultry/Ace Hardware of East Texas; $2,750.00

15. Anna Holland, Tenaha FFA; Shelby Savings Bank, Nacogdoches Bottling Co., Ray Jones Chevrolet, General Shelters, Hunter Buildings; $2,000.00

16. Autumn Webb, Joaquin FFA; Citizens Bank, Center Tire, Mettauer Law Firm, Few Ready Mix, Payne’s Community News, Payne’s Rentals, Ward Animal Clinic, Light & Champion Newspaper, Greer Charolais, Roscoe McSwain Commissioner, Precinct 1; $1,500.00

17. McKenzie Burgay, Timpson FFA; Cobb Vantress; $2,700.00

18. Brayden Britt, Center 4-H; 4-C Electric, Center Glass; $1,750.00

19. Madelynn Hutchins, Joaquin FFA; Hutchins Oilfield Services; $2,750.00

20. Kensleigh Loftin, Joaquin FFA; K&L Contractors, JML Enterprises, Ultra, Klein Brothers Rodeo, EXCO, Automotive Collision Specialist, Common Disposal $1,500.00

21. Kaden LaRock, Center FFA; Fish & Still, Inc., Atwood (Buddy) & Paula Kay, Smith Sawmill Service, Shelby Veterinary Service, Hudson Auto Parts, McDonald & Sons Hardware; $1,500.00

22. Michelle Gomez, Center 4-H; Texas Quick Care; $1,400.00

23. Hagan Craig, Center 4-H; Venado Creek; $2,600.00

24. Kadence Polley, Center 4-H; MDD Enterprises; $1,700.00

25. Tanner Doggett, Joaquin FFA; Shelby Savings Bank, Hunter Buildings, General Shelters, Nacogdoches Bottling Company, Ray Jones Chevrolet; $1,900.00

26. Bethany Lindgren, Timpson FFA; Cobb Vantress; $1,400.00

27. Abi Hooper, Joaquin FFA; Texas State Bank; $1,700.00

28. Camryn Crouch, Center 4-H; East Texas Poultry/Ace Hardware of East Texas; $2,600.00

29. Chandler Burgay, Timpson FFA; Tyson-Carthage; $2,500.00

30. Trista Britt, Center 4-H; Hawkeye Hunting Club; $1,400.00

31. Katie Hamilton, Joaquin FFA; Shelby County Farm Bureau; $1,800.00

32. Tyce Scarber, Center 4-H; East Texas Poultry/Ace Hardware of East Texas; $2,900.00

33. Amanda Yates, Timpson FFA; Cobb Vantress; $1,700.00

34. Clayton Hinton, Shelbyville 4-H; First Financial Bank; $2,200.00

35. Alec Dykes, Center 4-H; Shelby Savings Bank, Hunter Buildings, Nacogdoches Bottling Company, Ray Jones Chevrolet, General Shelters; $1,600.00
36. Wesley Wages, Center 4-H; Link Charolais; $1,500.00

37. Clarissa Menefee, Center 4-H; Tyson-Carthage; $1,900.00

38. Lauren Neal, Joaquin FFA; Cornerstone Construction; $1,700.00

39. Dustin Weir, Joaquin FFA; Sabine State Bank, Judge Charles Mitchell, John Black Insurance, Dairy Queen, Bounds Insurance, Dean’s Hardware, Worsham’s Grocery, Steel Building Supply, Elliott Waldron Title Co., Fairchild Law Office, County Judge Allison Harbison; $1,500.00

40. Ruben Soto, Center FFA; Triple J Feed; $1,500.00

41. Ryker Tomlin, Center 4-H; Venado Creek; $2,200.00

42. Collyn Grammer, Center 4-H; Spartan Structures; $2,000.00

43. McKenna Williams, Center 4-H; Wiggins Farms/Balcony; $2,300.00

44. Maddox Hutchins, Joaquin FFA; Joaquin FFA; $2,600.00

45. Clay Snider, Center FFA; Shelby Savings Bank, Hunter Buildings, Nacogdoches Bottling Co., General Shelters, Ray Jones Chevrolet; $1,500.00

46. Dawson Kay, Shelbyville 4-H; Auto Collision Specialist, Inc.; 1,800.00

47. Tucker Scarber, Center 4-H; McAdams Propane; $3,999.00

48. Klay Atkison; Joaquin FFA; Shelby Savings Bank, Hunter Buildings, General Shelters, Nacogdoches Bottling Company, Ray Jones Chevrolet; $2,000.00

49. Rebekah Bridges, Tenaha FFA; Sandhill Foundation; $3,300.00

50. Aspen Pritchett; Joaquin FFA; Shelby Savings Bank, Hunter Buildings, General Shelters, Ray Jones Chevrolet, Nacogdoches Bottling Co.; $2,200.00

Aaron Gilchrist, a senior at Shelbyville High School, will be awarded a $500 scholarship from Shelby Savings Bank for being the highest placing senior with his pen of broilers at Shelbyville’s awards ceremony.

'Thanks go to Boles Feed for the purchase of the wing bands and the wing-banding for the broilers.

Also contributing to the sale were: Farmers State Bank, McAdams Propane, Shelby Savings Bank, Hunter Buildings, General Shelters, Ray Jones Chevrolet, Nacogdoches Bottling Co., Shelby County Farm Bureau, Borders Poultry, Cornerstone Construction, Automotive Collision Specialist, Sandhill Foundation, Granny Borders, Wiggins Farms, Heritage Land Bank, R&D Distributing, Balcony, 4-C Electric, Hutchins Oilfield Services, Texas Quick Care, Venado Creek, MDD Enterprises, Texas State Bank, Hawkeye Hunting Club, First Financial Bank, East Texas Poultry, Ace Hardware, Deep East Texas Electric Coop, Center Glass, Triple “J” Feed, K&L Contractors, JML Management, Ultra, Klein Brothers Rodeo, Heritage Land Bank, Citizens Bank/Center, Heritage Land Bank, Sabine State Bank, Tyson-Carthage, KUUL Pads, Cobb Vantress, Timberlake Farms, Spartan Structures, LOS, Common Disposal, Shelby Veterinary Services, Center Tire, Fish & Still Equipment, Odessa Link, Link Charolais, Atwood & Paula Kay, MDD Enterprises, Few Ready Mix, Mettauer Law Firm, Judge Charles Mitchell, Light & Champion Newspaper, Steel Building Supply, Worsham Grocery, Dean’s Hardware, Campbell Portable Buildings, John Black Insurance, Ward Animal Clinic, Monco Motor Co., Fairchild Law office, Elliott Waldron Title Co., Ihlo Sales & Imports, Wright, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Wayne Christian Financial, Greer Charolais, Dairy Queen, Bounds Insurance, Payne’s Rental, McDonald & Sons Hardware, Payne’s Community News, Hudson Auto Parts, Shoope Insurance, Mack O’Rear Real Estate, Shelbyville Grocery, Dance Furniture, Wheeler Law Office, Keith Oswalt Logging, County Judge Allison Harbison, Automotive Collison Specialist, EXCO, Roscoe McSwain-Commissioner Precinct 1, and Smith Sawmill Services.

We would like to take this time to say “thank you” from the Shelby County 4-H and FFA members, and the Broiler Show Committee to Contributors for their generous contributions and to the many volunteers that help make the annual “Broiler Show” the great event that it is every year!

Educational programs of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service are open to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetic information or veteran status. The Texas A&M University System, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the County Commissioners Courts of Texas Cooperating


October 5, 2015 - The Shelby County Bass Anglers would like to thank all the people that contributed to the club’s annual fundraiser by purchasing raffle tickets. This was a very good fundraising event and the SCBA will put these funds back into our community by presenting scholarships to local deserving students. The following were winners:

Keith Orear                         Ruger .308 w/scope
Josh McAdams                  Henry Golden Boy .22
Jake Mathews                   Weboost Cell Booster
Tommy Land                      Mossberg ATR 7mm/08
Cam Copelin                       Barnett Crossbow
Veronica White                 Grizzley 45qt cooler
Roy Blackshear                  Ruger 10/22
Summer Koltonski           Lew’s Rod and Reel Combo
Joe Whittlesey                  Wildgame Innovations Game Cam
Preston Whitney              Ameristep Pop Up Blind


October 3, 2015 - Editor's note: Photos from the run will be posted Sunday.

The downtown square was packed with runners and walkers in the crisp cool air Saturday morning to participate in the 4th Annual Chicken Run in support of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Deep East Texas.

After miles of pavement, the top male overall runner was Givani Angel with a time of 15:34.937 which is a pace of 5:01 a mile. The top female overall runner was Arianna Rodriguez whose time was 20:50.273 which is a pace of 6:43 a mile.

Congratulations to all who crossed the finish line achieving personal goals while supporting a great cause. The race results are below according to age divisions. All times are based on Gun Elapsed time. When complete race results with everyones times has been posted to, SCT will link to them.


Age Division 10-14
1 - Kate Lawson (Time 22:22.223)
2 - Zoie Eberenz (Time 24:40.461)
3 - Jaycee Campbell (Time 24:41.894)
4 - Alleigh Campbell (Time 24:42.230)
5 - Kalei Brooks (Time 25:32.431)
6 - Riley Davis (Time 25:42.289)
7 - Tatum Mettauer (Time 26:08.900)
8 - Ebbie McCann (Time 26:25.213)
9 - Riley Sherrod (Time 26:25.230)
10 - Cristlyn Pena (Time 26:49.921)
11 - Britney Pope
12 - Emma Martin
13 - Secoya Barnes
14 - Ashton McGhen
15 - Kaitlin Williams
16 - Kennedy Stanley
17 - Kayla Fletcher
18 - Brieanna Thomas
19 - Sarah Scull
20 - Alli Stuever
21 - Karan Randhawa
22 - Kennedy Bush
23 - Haley McCantes
24 - Taylor Horton
25 - Skylar Causey
26 - Alyssa White
27 - Camryn Crouch
28 - Chloe Eaves
29 - Sara Davis
30 - Alex Soriell
31 - Taylor Burch
32 - Caroline Scull
33 - Keelan Williams
34 - Autumn Hughes
35 - Ella Shires
36 - Rebekah McGhen
37 - Cristal Saldana
38 - Jazmin Guevara
39 - Aracely Perez
40 - Nicole Aguilar
41 - Jennifer Armstrong

Age Division 15-19
1 - Marquasia Griffin (Time 22:01.123)
2 - Dayza Lane (Time 22:09.232)
3 - Iliana Rojas (Time 22:10.521)
4 - Lexi Smith (Time 22:29.838)
5 - Cheyene Byrnes (Time 22:44.023)
6 - Ana Rodriguez (Time 25:33.382)
7 - Eboni Adams (Time 28:14.630)
8 - Baca Jocelyn (Time 29:13.841)
9 - Jessica Soto (Time 29:37.174)
10 - Katleyn Martinez (Time 32:00.245)
11 - LaJadezamen Atkins
12 - Desmon Paige
13 - Brynna Birdwell
14 - Scarlett Shires
15 - Sara Engle

Age Division 20-29
1 - Arianna Rodriguez (Time 20:50.273)
2 - Brittnay Hall (Time 27:40.217)
3 - Kaley Nichols (Time 30:26.171)
4 - Sara Hughes (Time 30:26.264)
5 - Olivia Worsham (Time 34:55.628)
6 - Jenny Conway (Time 39:13.985)
7 - Savannah Cassell (Time 40:49.727)
8 - Jennifer Cooper (Time 45:40.410)
9 - Ashton Askew (Time 50:44.124)
10 - Brittany Gilchrist (Time 50:44.709)

Age Division 30-39
1 - Mindy Bragg (Time 24:03.276)
2 - Linsey Campbell (Time 28:36.650)
3 - Traci Mettauer (Time 29:00.146)
4 - Tiffany Crouch (Time 39:19.144)
5 - Brandy Lloyd (Time 42:57.280)
6 - Tina Barton (Time 45:52.566)
7 - Angela Spann (Time 49:45.203)

Age Division 40-49
1 - Michelle Hughes (Time 25:27.512)
2 - Carol Eberenz (Time 31:39.339)
3 - Ona Hudspeth (Time 33:30.297)
4 - Claudia Perez (Time 39:41.289)
5 - Kelly Spann (Time 40:30.499)
6 - Sarah Shires (Time 40:50.353)
7 - Katy Engle (Time 41:54.679)
8 - Karen Campbell (Time 45:40.100)
9 - Courtney Martinez (Time 45:52.895)
10 - Anna Stuever (Time 49:45.235)
11 - Cindy Furlow
12 - Denise Bridges

(Females Continued)
Age Division 50-59
1 - Deborah Chadwick (Time 23:48.653)
2 - Hermila Mendoza (Time 26:51.704)
3 - Donna Vergo (Time 27:17.387)
4 - Ellen Mills (Time 27:53.656)
5 - Tonya Andrews (Time 29:38.684)
6 - Margo Griffin (Time 33:10.431)
7 - Beth Nichols (Time 34:18.138)
8 - Deborah Worsham (Time 34:55.259)
9 - Robin Conway (Time 39:13.163)
10 - Pam Howard (Time 39:47.569)


Age Division 10-14
1 - Lorenzo Line (Time 20:05.949)
2 - Lance Holloway (Time 22:02.265)
3 - Dayton Bush (Time 23:23.027)
4 - Tyler Herndon (Time 23:26.283)
5 - Jake Liker (Time 23:47.884)
6 - Josh Clinton (Time 23:47.889)
7 - Grant Cooper (Time 24:08.695)
8 - Nolan Spann (Time 24:27.079)
9 - Seth Shamblin (Time 24:53.640)
10 - Logan Horton (Time 25:31.775)
11 - Garrett Mettauer
12 - Aiden Hagler
13 - Jase Bird
14 - Jose Valadez
15 - Ian Williams
16 - Tyler Allen
17 - Hunter Rowland
18 - Grant Hockenberry
19 - Cotton Crawford
20 - Collin Jones
21 - Greg Sorell
22 - Cale Henson
23 - Jake Henson
24 - Benjamin Galindo
25 - Aaron Scales
26 - Mike Armstrong

Age Division 15-19
1 - Givani Angel (Time 15:34.937)
2 - Antonio Chavez (Time 16:30.271)
3 - Ruben Soto (Time 16:36.044)
4 - Arnd Escobedo (Time 17:16.910)
5 - Daniel Chavez (Time 17:26.482)
6 - Carlos Galan (Time 18:03.665)
7 - Martin Soto (Time 18:33.413)
8 - Josue Urbina (Time 19:12.191)
9 - Justin Bailey (Time 19:14.393)
10 - Jonathan Gomez (Time 19:45.257)
11 - Kelsey Bolden
12 - Francisco Hernandez
13 - Taylor Hudspeth
14 - Ross Mahan
15 - Marten Angel
16 - Pelt Courtland
17 - Stephen Pocket
18 - Jonathon Grubbs

Age Division 20-29
1 - Coach Palomino (Time 19:09.091)
2 - Aaron Liker (Time 23:16.546)
3 - William Valadez (Time 23:43.521)
4 - John Lightfoot (Time 24:40.554)

Age Division 30-39
1 - Ryan MacKey (Time 22:39.374)
2 - Clint Hibbard (Time 24:28.615)
3 - Thomas Morrison (Time 24:40.562)
4 - Michael O'Neal (Time 24:45.003)
5 - Jeremy Fenley (Time 25:55.855)
6 - Armando Palomino-McClure (Time 26:27.188)
7 - Peter Davis (Time 42:21.897)

Age Division 40-49
1 - Terry Scull (Time 23:06.515)
2 - Greg Stuever (Time 23:10.806)
3 - Wayne Hornbuckle (Time 23:42.634)
4 - Travis Gillis (Time 27:14.228)
5 - James Hockenberrry (Time 27:42.368)
6 - Sed Jones (Time 28:52.634)
7 - Matthew Mettauer (Time 28:54.896)
8 - Del Birdwell (Time 38:01.384)
9 - Francisco Perez (Time 39:41.443)

Age Division 50-59
1 - Ricky Lawrence (Time 27:30.807)

Age Division 60+
1 - Steven McDaniel (Time 24:41.337)
2 - Steve Mills (Time 29:05.925)
3 - Tommy Hughes (Time 38:17.299)
4 - Howell Howard (Time 39:50.689)
5 - Jessie Basham (Time 43:20.473)

Special Thanks

The 5K was sponsored by Shelby Savings Bank, Lions Club, Mettauer's Law Firm, Boles Feed, Baldwin's Tree Service, Boom Boom Photo Booth, XI Alpha Delta Rho, Commissioner Roscoe McSwain, East Texas Poultry, The Woodmen of the World, General Shelters. Water was provided for the runners by Few Ready Mix and granola bars were provided by Southwestern Foods.

October 3, 2015 - Left photo: Grand Champion winner Aaron Gilchrist with pen buyer, Farmers State Bank
Right photo: Reserve Grand winner Lance Holloway with pen buyer, McAdams Propane.

The Broiler Sale ended Poultry Festival activities Saturday night with a golden egg when it raised over $110,000 for its exhibitors who were comprised of students from all over Shelby County.

Nearly 100 pens with three birds each were in the Broiler Sift Saturday morning with Texas A&M University Poultry Science judge Alisa Zulkowski examining the almost 300 birds selected by exhibitors to compete for one of the only 50 Broiler Show Sale spots available. Zulkowski spoke to the audience describing characteristics of the birds desired by judges one of which is uniformity of the birds among the pen. Uniformity is representative of the care the birds are given by the exhibitors during the almost seven week project.

Aaron Gilchrist, Shelbyville 4-H, was the Grand Champion exhibitor in the 2015 Shelby County Poultry Festival Broiler Show sale Saturday night, October 3rd. Gilchrist's Grand Champion pen sold to Farmers State Bank for $8,000. He was also the highest ranking senior in the show earning him the Shelby Savings Bank Scholarship.

The Reserve Grand honor went to Lance Holloway, Center 4-H, whose chickens sold for $4,000 to McAdams Propane.

Below are the remaining exhibitors who made the sale and the price for which their pens sold.
3rd place - Justin Hooper, Joaquin FFA, $1,750
4th place - Lane Loggins, Shelbyville 4-H, $1,500
5th place - Emilee Elliott, Center 4-H, $3,250
6th place - Chance Shumaker, Joaquin FFA, $2,250
7th place - Deakon Kay, Shelbyville 4-H, $2,250
8th place - Caleb McDonald, Center FFA, $3,999
9th place - Levi Birdwell, Center 4-H, $1,750
10th place - Logan Holloway, Center 4-H, $2,750
11th place - Colby Lout, Center 4-H, $2,500
12th place - Chandler Pritchett, Joaquin FFA, $1,250
13th place - Brynna Birdwell, Center 4-H, $2,000
14th place - Mason Barbee, Shelbyville 4-H, $2,750
15th place - Anna Holland, Tenaha FFA, $2,000
16th place - Autumn Webb, Joaquin FFA, $1,500
17th place - McKenzie Burgay, Timpson FFA, $2,700
18th place - Brayden Britt, Center 4-H, $1,750
19th place - Madelynn Hutchins, Joaquin FFA, $2,250
20th place - Kensleigh Loftin, Joaquin FFA, $1,500
21st place - Kaden LaRock, Center FFA, $1,500
22nd place - Michelle Gomez, Center 4-H, $1,400
23rd place - Hagan Craig, Center 4-H, $2,600
24th place - Kadence Polley, Center 4-H, $1,700
25th place - Tanner Doggett, Joaquin FFA, $1,900
26th place - Bethany Lindgren, Timpson FFA, $1,400     
27th place - Abi Hooper, Joaquin FFA, $1,700
28th place - Camryn Crouch, Center 4-H, $2,600
29th place - Chandler Burgay, Timpson FFA, $2,500
30th place - Trista Britt, Center 4-H, $1,400
31st place - Katie Hamilton, Joaquin FFA, $1,800
32nd place - Tyce Scarber, Center 4-H, $2,900
33rd place - Amanda Yates, Timpson FFA, $1,700
34th place - Clayton Hinton, Shelbyville 4-H, $2,200
35th place - Alec Dykes, Center 4-H, $1,600
36th place - Wesley Wages, Center 4-H, $1,500
37th place - Clarissa Menefee, Center 4-H, $1,900
38th place - Lauren Neal, Joaquin FFA, $1,700
39th place - Dustin Weir, Joaquin FFA, $1,500
40th place - Ruben Soto, Center FFA, $1,500
41st place - Ryker Tomlin, Center 4-H, $2,200
42nd place - Collyn Grammer, Center 4-H, $2,000
43rd place - McKenna Williams, Center 4-H, $2,300
44th place - Maddox Hutchins, Joaquin FFA, $2,600
45th place - Clay Snider, Center FFA, $1,500
46th place - Dawson Kay, Shelbyville 4-H, $1,800
47th place - Tucker Scarber, Center 4-H, $3,999
48th place - Klay Atkison, Joaquin FFA, $2,000
49th place - Rebekah Bridges, Tenaha FFA, $3,300
50th place - Aspen Pritchett, Joaquin FFA, $2,200

Additional buyer information will be added once it is made available by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Shelby County.

Editor's note: Photos from the auction will be posted as soon as possible.

October 2, 2015 - This year’s photography show was a huge success! All of the entries were exceptional and the judges certainly had a tough group of photos to work with. Thanks to all the competitors and volunteers for their interest and hard work.

A very special thanks to Dr. Charles R. Collard and his staff, for their support and help in converting the optical clinic to a photo gallery and the members of the Piney Woods Photographic Society for helping to host the exhibit and greet all those who attended.


1st place - Janet Hughes
2nd place - Donna Holt
3rd place - Bobbie Jean Wood
Honorable Mention:
Sharon Peace
Cynthia Brown

1st place - Bobbie Jean Wood
2nd place - Billie F. Jones
3rd place - Jonathan Liker
Honorable Mention:
Jonathan Liker

1st place - Donna W. Holt
2nd place - Sharon Peace
3rd place - Donna W. Holt
Honorable Mention:
Sharon Peace

Fine Art
1st place - Joyce Flora
2nd place - Bobbie Jean Wood
3rd place - Joyce Flora
Honorable Mention:
Bobbie Jean Wood

Digital Manipulation/Photo Restoration
1st place - Billie F. Jones
2nd place - Haley Sullivan

1st place - Billie F. Jones
2nd place - Bobbie Jean Wood
3rd place - Brittany Hall
Honorable Mention:
Billie F. Jones

1st place - Janet Hughes
2nd place - Janet Hughes
3rd place - Billie F. Jones
Honorable Mention:
Joyce Flora

1st place - Bobbie Jean Wood
2nd place - Janet Hughes
3rd place - Laura Lindsey
Honorable Mention:
Brittany Hall

Adult's Best of Show - Janet Hughes, Carthage, TX

Adult's People's Choice - Brittany Hall, Center, TX


1st place - Tori Baker
2nd place - Tori Baker
3rd place - Rosa Huerta

1st place - Andres Leon
2nd place - Santiago Leon
3rd place - Tori Baker
Honorable Mention:
Jaime Cervantes

1st place - Jaime Cervantes
2nd place - Andres Leon
3rd place - Tori Baker
Honorable Mention:
Andres Leon

1st place - Sam McSwain
2nd place - Logan Holloway
3rd place - Sam McSwain
Honorable Mention:
Daniel Ventura

Digital Manipulation
1st place - Hunter Wiggington
2nd place - Whitney Thomas
3rd place - Joel Bender
Honorable Mention:
Rosa Huerta

1st place - Sam McSwain

Youth Best of Show - Andre Leon, Tenaha, TX.

Youth People's Choice - Santiago Leon, Tenaha, TX


Fine Art
1st place - Emma Wilburn
2nd place - Liela Klein
3rd place - Levi Flora
Honorable Mention:
Emma Wilburn
Michelle Gomez

1st place - Michelle Gomez
2nd place - Emma Wilburn
3rd place - Emma Wilburn
Honorable Mention:
Lance Holloway

1st place - Gracelyn Olivas
2nd place - Michelle Gomez
3rd place - Gracelyn Olivas
Honorable Mention:
Emma Wilburn
Michelle Gomez

1st place - Levi Flora
2nd place - Emma Wilburn
3rd place - Kennedy Smith
Honorable Mention:
Michelle Gomez
Gracelyn Olivas
Lieza Klein
Lance Holloway
Levi Flora

1st place - Gracelyn Olivas
2nd place - Lance Holloway
3rd place - Emma Wilburn

1st place - Liela Klein
2nd place - Lieza Klein

Children's Best of Show - Gracelyn Olivas, Center, TX

Children's People's Choice - Gracelyn Olivas, Center, TX.