For the first time and due to the COVID-19 Ruling, the RIO Theatre is closed until the COVID-19 restrictions have been removed. The RIO will miss our customers during this time; however, the closing is for the health and wellness of our community. We appreciate our customers and wish everyone well. Check back often for when the RIO announces it will reopen. 

Box office opens at 7:00pm. Showtime at 7:30pm. Admission is $7 for adults and $6 for children.
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April 1, 2020 - With the spread of coronavirus, one of the key things to do is to stay clean and disinfect objects you use on a daily basis.

Jason Fulbright with Intelligent Concepts shares two things that typically get overlooked - your computer's keyboard and mouse or your laptop's keyboard and touch pad. In the past cleaning a virus from a computer required software and some computer knowledge. However, today's threat isn't to your computer's operating system but to your computer's operator - you.

So with that in mind, it’s time, if you haven’t already, to clean your keyboard and mouse.

First off, it goes without saying, your laptop or desktop computer should be off when doing this but be sure to shutdown correctly and not just pull the plug.

If your desktop computer has wired keyboard and mouse devices, they need to be disconnect. If you are new to unplugging either, make sure you notate where they unplug from so you can replug them in once you are done cleaning. If you have a wireless model keyboard or mouse, power them off with a power button or switch if available. If no power off option is available, then just remove the battery.

Use Lysol/Clorox wipes if you have that available. If not, spray some Lysol on a damp cloth. Wipe all the keys and areas where your hands rest. Also, you may want to flip your desktop keyboard over and gently shake loose any particles that have gotten trapped under keys.

Wipe the entire surface of your mouse. If it has a wheel on top, gently spin the wheel with the cloth until you have made several turns.

You are done with disinfecting your keyboard and mouse. Make sure it is dry before plugging them back up or turning them back on.

April 1, 2020 - We know child abuse feels a world away from the all-consuming crisis our world finds itself in – but we know it rages on in the background of every major crisis as it is an ongoing, seemingly permanent, public health crisis affecting 1 in 10 children.

April is Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month, join us as we share the signs, symptoms, and stories of how we continue to serve child victims of abuse in this new landscape. #ChildAbusePrevention #ShelbyCountycares

March 27, 2020 - The Children of the Republic of Texas, J J E Gibson Chapter's flag retirement ceremony originally planned for March History Month has been postponed due to caution observed with the Covid-19 Virus. Members will be contacted as soon as it is approved to hold the ceremony. If you have a flag you would like the J J E Gibson Chapter to retire, we will be glad to do so when we are approved to schedule the event. Thank you for your understanding at this time.

Chapter Co Sponsor, Carey Agnew           
Chapter Co Sponsor, Heather Walker

Update: 44 units collected with 8 defereals sets new record for Center PD Blood Drive

March 25, 2020 - Due to COVID-19 altering the day to day operations of most people and causing events to be cancelled, the Center Police Department stepped up when the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center put out a notice needing emergency blood drives.

On March 25th, the citizens of Shelby County did not disappoint with their support as well. Blood drive chairperson Amy Lindley, who is a dispatcher for the Center Police Department, advised she has had the most pre-signups ever with 31 appointments being set. The blood drive which started at 10am Wednesday was just drawing to an end at 5pm with walk-up donors pushing them past their projected 4pm end time.

Lindley did say that in the past, a good blood drive averaged 10 to 15 pre-signups so she is excited to see what the final numbers for this drive will be. She anticipates it will easily surpass the Christmas Eve blood drive which had a record 35 people with only 3 deferrals. As of 3:30pm, they had already exceeded those numbers.

Free T-SHIRTMarch 16, 2020 - This is Scary times these days, but the need for Blood has not went away! Donations are needed even more now. Please help Save Lives!

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center will be set up at the Center Police Department hosting an Emergency Blood Drive in the parking lot on March 25th from 10am until 4pm. There will be two (2) donor coaches set up in the parking lot. Please spread the word and help us help others! One (1) donation helps saves 3 lives! 

Contact Amy at the PD 936-598-2450 to sign up for scheduled times, or go to to schedule a time.

All attempted donors will receive a Free T-SHIRT!

March 19, 2020 - The Joaquin Senior Center will remain closed through Friday, May 1. During that time, we will reassess; any changes to this schedule will be posted.

Questions and information: 936/269-3975, Leave an answering machine message.

March 18, 2020 - Harvest for homes will have a produce drop tomorrow, Wedensday March 25, 9am at Ivan Smith parking  lot near old Somberos. We are asking that due to COVID-19 "Coronavirus" that everyone remain in their cars until further instructions from staff are given please do not get out of your vehicle we will assist you from your car.

Any questions please call 598-6315 ext 501

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(Editor's Note: Due to the effect of COVID-19 on all activities locally and around the globe, we are re-running the 2017 article covering VFW Post 8904s Kosovo Remembrance Ceremony. With increased calls for social distancing to help prevent the spread of this virus, the event which would have occurred on March 24, 2020 was cancelled this year. However, if each of us take a moment to remember, they are never forgotten.)

March 28, 2017 - VFW Post 8904 and Auxiliary hosted a Kosovo remembrance at the Shelby County Veteran's Memorial on the Center square Friday, March 24, 2017. 

The program was opened by Larry Hume, Quartermaster, followed by a prayer given by Cynthia Islas, Chaplain.

"Eighteen years ago on March 24, 1999 NATO launched an air campaign called Operation Allied Force, to halt the humanitarian devastation that was then unfolding in Kosovo, and the decision to intervene followed more than a year of fighting within that province and the failure of international efforts to resolve the conflict by diplomatic means," said Hume. 

Hume stated, NATO announced the suspension of the air campaign on June 10, 1999 once it had concluded a military technical agreement with the federal republic of Yugoslavia. NATO casualties were light and the alliance suffered no fatalities as a result of  combat operations.

"However, two American Army helicopter pilots Chief Warrant Officer David Gibbs and Kevin Riker died when their helicopter crashed in the early morning hours May 5, 1999," said Hume. "The crash was not due to enemy fire, but two of America's finest died on that day serving our country."

In remembrance, a memorial wreath was hung on the Shelby County Veteran's Memorial by Leigh Porterfield whose sister served in Kosovo.

March 22, 2020 - Although the PWPS was unable to hold their regular monthly meeting this past Saturday, the monthly challenge "Baby It's Cold Outside" was viewed online via Flickr and voted by members for their favorites. PWPS holds their monthly meeting the third Saturday of each month at the First United Methodist Church, 211 Porter St., Center, TX. They provide learning workshops and challenges each month to members and visitors alike.

The PWPS goal is to help you become a better photographer and give you a place to meet others who share your passion for photography. Featuring programs and activities with information and instruction for all skill levels in an environment of support and cooperation. To learn more about the Piney Woods Photographic Society meetings or memberships contact Billie F. Jones, 936-591-2426, like us on Facebook, To view all the photographs submitted to the March challenge, check out our Flickr page, 

March Challenge - Baby It's Cold Outside

First Place Favorite - Winter Fog by Billie F. Jones

2nd Place Favorite Tie - Yellowstone Fog by Donna Holt

2nd Place Favorite Tie - Snowy Morning in Shelbyville by Summer Koltonski

3rd Place Favorite - Simple Beauty by Bobbie Jean Wood

March 20, 2020 - No words are adequate to speak what is in our hearts. We are so thankful for our family, friends, and community for their constant prayers during our time of tragedy. We thank you for the outpouring of love and support for our family thru beautiful flowers, plants, gifts, and financial support. Your love and kindness has forever made an impact in our hearts.