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S. W. Carter Elementary President’s Award for Educational Excellence

June 7, 2019 - The President’s Award for Educational Excellence was established to recognize academic success in the classroom. It is designed to encourage students to achieve high academic standards by recognizing and rewarding them for educational excellence. To receive this award, fifth grade students must have high achievement on the math or reading portion of the 5th grade STAAR test and earn a grade point average of 90 or above in the fourth and fifth grades.

S. W. Carter Elementary Principal’s Award 2018-2019

June 6, 2019 - Principal’s certificates and pins were given to recognize students who have a yearly average of 80 or above in every subject. The following students received the Principal’s Award:

First Grade - Krislyn Askew, Gracelynn Cartwright, Jaxson Cravey, Evan Guidry, Annigail Matthews, Dallas Moore, Ansley Nettle, Roxanne Peralta, Sofia Ramos, Katelynn Sullivan, Alexis Swindle, Camille Whiteside

S. W. Carter Elementary School Perfect Attendance for the Year 2018-2019

June 6, 2019 - Attendance in school is usually a good predictor of a student’s academic performance. Students with excellent attendance records have a better chance to perform well in the classroom. It takes a great deal of determination and effort to attend school the entire year and not miss a day. The following students did not miss a day and were in attendance 169 days this year. 

Pre-Kindergarten - Ryleigh Bonner, Kyla Warren

Kindergarten - None

First Grade - Lily Denby, Easton Parks, Cooper Raymond

S. W. Carter Elementary 6th Six Weeks Perfect Attendance

June 6, 2019 - S. W. Carter Elementary congratulates the students who achieved perfect attendance for the 6th six weeks of the 2018-2019 school year.

Pre-Kindergarten - De’Marques Bolden, Ryleigh Bonner, Adriana Cordova, DiMone Davis Dryver, Ansh Ghimire, Kathy Gomez, Evelynn Lindley, Kyla Warren

Kindergarten - Cash Bell, Brianna Black, Mahayla Cartwright, Brennen Eberenz, Braxton Harrison, Mason Henry, Rhett Jones, Brylee Lister, Maci Mince, Everett Perimon, Noah Scruggs, Alli Williams, Kenleigh Windham

Shelbyville Teacher Receives iteach Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year

June 6, 2019 - S. W. Carter Elementary School is pleased to announce that Mr. Larry Jason McDonald, special education teacher, was nominated and selected as the iteach Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year. This is Jason’s first year to teach after completing the iteach Texas private alternative educator program based on distance learning that recommends successful candidates for the Standard teaching certificate in Texas.

S. W. Carter Elementary Perfect Attendance Fourth Six Weeks

February 26, 2019 - S. W. Carter Elementary announces the Perfect Attendance for the Fourth Six Weeks.

Pre-Kindergarten - Canyon Anthony, Ryleigh Bonner, Elijah Boyd, Adriana Cordova, Di’Mone Davis-Dryver, Roman Foster, Chase Haley, Landry McDonald, Casen Moore, Tenley Snell, Kyla Warren

Kindergarten - Cash Bell, Todd Best, Saylor Crelia, Brennen Ebernez, Korbyn Garrett, Harper Harkness, Braxton Harrison, Evyn Hopkins, Hunter Koltonski, Micahel Matthews, Christian Warr, Keelan Wilburn, Alli Williams

S. W. Carter Elementary Honor Roll Second Six Weeks

November 7, 2018 - S. W. Carter Elementary announces the students who achieved an 80 or above grade average making the Honor Roll for the Second Six Weeks.

A Honor Roll

Third Grade - Sophie Ellington, Cassidy Greer, Haeli Gregory, Kaylee Harvey, Kyleigh Hendricks, Irianna Herrera, Dakota Horne, Caleb Jamison, Dallas Jones, Maury Ratcliff, Baylee Robbins, Dusty Taylor, Alexa Valdez, Tanner Woods, and Guner Youngblood

S. W. Carter Elementary Perfect Attendance Second Six Weeks (Corrected)

November 7, 2018 - S. W. Carter Elementary announces the students who have achieved Perfect Attendance for the second six weeks.

Pre-Kindergarten - Canyon Anthony, De’Marques Bolden, Ryleigh Bonner, Di’Mone Davis-Dryer, Isabel Ellington, Noah Garrett, Kayson Hendricks, Emree Holloway, Evelynn Lindley, Corbin Magby, Clovis (Cam) Marshall, Levi McDonald, Kayden Shields, Jeremiah Sierra, Tenley Snell, and Kyla Warren


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