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Joaquin ISD Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Agenda

November 15, 2019 - Notice is hereby given that on the 18th day of November 2019 the Board of Trustees of the Joaquin School District will hold a regular meeting at 6pm, at the Administration building, Joaquin, Texas.

1. Roll call, establishment of quorum, call to order – Joaquin ISD may have member(s) via video conference call – Texas Government Code Section 551.127 (See Attached Code)

2. Invocation and Pledges of Allegiance

3. Audience Participation – In accordance with Joaquin ISD Policy BED Local no presentation shall exceed five 

Joaquin Ram Vs Shelbyville Dragon Playoff Information, Stadium Rules

November 13, 2019 - Joaquin Ram Playoff Information

Joaquin Vs Shelbyville (Bi-District Playoff Game) 
Location: Henderson ISD, located at 700 Lion Street, Henderson, Texas 75654.
Date: Friday, November 15th
Time: 7pm
Ticket Prices: $5
Passes: THSCA, District 11 & 12 2A, Senior Citizens, and Military

Lions Stadium rules:

  • We can have Shakers, Rattlers, and Bags.
  • We cannot have Heaters in the stands.


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