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March 20, 2015 - Prior to the start of Joaquin City Council meeting, Mayor Mike Woods made a presentation to three Joaquin citizens who have over the past year proved to be a valuable asset to the city before council began discussion of changes to Water and Gas Rates.

Mayor Mike Wood with Taylor Wilkerson.

Mayor Mike Wood with Donna Fitzgerald.

Mayor Mike Wood with Perry Pugh

Mayor Wood expressed appreciation first to Taylor Wilkerson, "During our Centennial Celebration we had a young lady who worked extra hard, every time you looked around she was accomplishing something along with the committee but she worked to make things fall into place and it was just a great experience for everybody and she had a lot to do with it. So at this time, we would like to show our token of appreciation by giving Taylor Wilkerson a [plaque]." The plaque said - Your timeless effort during the celebration of our town's Centennial helped make the occasion a great success. May your future be bright, successful, and God's speed."

The second individual to be recognized was Donna Fitzgerald. Wood said, "When I took office, there was some confusion going on and we were fortunate to get Donna Marshall Fitzgerald to come in as our city secretary along with a really good city council. We have had a pretty good couple of years of peaceful and accomplishing city government. As Mrs. Fitzgerald retires here in March, I would like to give her this award on behalf of the city council." The plaque says - To Donna Fitzgerald, your work as city secretary from March 2010 through March 2015, the City of Joaquin is grateful for your contributions and hope you enjoy a happy retirement, peaceful days ahead.

"And last but not least," finished Mayor Wood. "The previous mayor was kind enough to award me with a distinguished service award and I feel like we have a guy here who as fire chief has earned that so he is the second person to get this and its well deserved. I know that our citizens are well protected and that his efforts, which many of you never see, are appreciated by all of us. We owe a lot to our fire chief, Perry Pugh." The plaque said - Distinguished service award, Chief Perry Pugh. Grateful recognition for outstanding dedication to the citizens of Joaquin as a fire fighter and a fire chief. Always going above and beyond the call of duty to do the three things that fire fighters do: save lives, protect property, and suppress fire. God's speed Perry Pugh. Presented by a grateful mayor and city council of Joaquin, Texas, March 2015.

Following the recognition of Wilkerson, Fitzgerald, and Pugh, the Joaquin City Council meeting was opened by Mayor Wood. Council members present were Bill Baker, Pat Gray, Pat Gray, and Lee Vern Stotts-Gilliam. Not present at the meeting was Ben Brittain and Mike Atkinson.

Discussion of the Water and Gas rates was held and a three part motion was made and approved to adjust Water and Gas Rates. The three part motion was to (1) increase the current $50 water connect fee to $100 with a $100 deposit to stay the same for a total of $200 for new water service; (2) no longer accept letter of credits from other utility companies; and (3) no longer offer customers summer vacation rates for gas service. Customers already on summer vacation will remain so and just have the $25 reconnect fee. Once reconnected, the customer would then be charged each month at least the minimum amount during the whole year. 'Summer vacation' was allowing a customer to put their account on hold for an average of 7 months a year and not be charged the base amount of a little more than $14 per month during those 7 months.

After the approval of rate changes, a Joaquin citizen, Earlene Polley, spoke to the council concerning what she says is the horrible condition of East Saddle Street. The road has terrible pot holes, needs cleaning up of garbage and clearing of weeds. Mayor Wood apologized that the council would not be able to repair the road completely at this time due to funding; however, he said they would do what they could including clearing the weeds and patching the holes as best as possible. After the meeting adjourned, Lee Vern Stotts-Gilliam offered to assist Polley with scheduling a clean up day to help with getting the trash dumped in the area cleaned up.

To end the meeting, Mayor Woods expressed his appreciation to the council, "You know I have been a missing face for two weeks and I appreciate y'all carrying on without me, you do a good job. I could not ask for a finer council and I will try to be here next month."

Action Taken on Agenda Items:
 3. Approved previous month's minutes.
 4. Approved payment of bills with a correction - remove entry for a payment pertaining to Christmas Festival which was on the financial report in error.
 5. Tabled till next meeting Discussion and Action on Gas Supply Agreement.
 6. Approved changes on Water and Gas Rates - increase water connection fee to $100, no longer accept letter of credits, and no longer offer 'summer vacation'.


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Lawrence Edwards is happy to have the property stolen from him returned.March 20, 2015 - According to a press release from the Shelby County Sheriff's Department a property owner had his stolen property returned following an investigation by the Sheriff's Department and Stanley Burgay, Constable Precinct 5, which led to of arrest of two suspects.

Shelby County Sheriff Willis Blackwell reports Shelby County Sheriff's Department Investigators DJ Dickerson and Kevin Windham and Constable Stanley Burgay have been investigating theft of property from the Timpson area.

During the course of the investigation, it was found that a Kenneth Dewayne Hendrick and a Horace Roger Hendrick, both of Timpson, had sold property that was positively identified as property which was stolen from the Edwards' property.

Kenneth Dewayne Hendrick, 39, was arrested for the charge of Theft >= $1500<20k, Enhanced, Felony 3. Horace Roger Hendrick, 41, has an active warrant for his arrest for the charge of Theft >= $1500<$20k, Enhanced, Felony 3.

The property that was recovered, being 150 creosote poles and (4) rolls of barbed wire were recently relinquished to the owner Mr. Lawrence Edwards. the owner Mr. Lawrence Edwards.

Kenneth Dewayne HendrickHorace Roger Hendrick

April 17, 2015 - Commissioners, County Judge, law enforcement, and members of the community attended a public hearing in the community room of the Shelby County Courthouse on Thursday, April 16, 2015 concerning trash and public nuisances in unincorporated areas of the county.

The prompting for the public meeting being held was because of the number of calls fielded by County Officials concerning trash and public nuisances. Shelby County Judge Allison Harbison explained, "We are aware of the (trash) problem and are very concerned about the problem."

Harbison opened the meeting up inviting the members of the audience who signed to speak to address the commissioners. First to speak was Donnis Adams who addressed health issues he says he has had as the result of dead chickens being dumped on his road. Adams said, "I was diagnosed with Avian TB (tuberculosis) from my neighbor dumping his dead chicken carcasses. If you go out by my driveway right now, I just mowed my yard, there is a pile of white chicken feathers right beside my drive. Now, I want to make sure anything you guys may do does encompass dead animals being dumped in the county." Adams listed health issues he states he now has because of Avian TB which included glaucoma and deteriorated vision leading to blindness in one eye, a hole in his lung the size of a golf ball, hearing problems which he said are the results of the treatments he has undergone to try and kill the Avian TB. He continued to speak about the dumped dead carcasses stating, "It's dangerous to you and it's litter."

Another concerned citizen spoke and also addressed an issue they are having with their neighbor who has farm animals. According to the concerned citizen, the neighbor is disposing of the guts of animals being slaughtered right next to the their property and at times on their property. Photographs were presented to Commissioner Jimmy Lout since it was occurring in his precinct.

Buren Lowe was the last concerned citizen to speak, "Its embarrassing to say that it seems like our county has become so trashy. It's heartbreaking to go down some of our back roads and see the amount of trash that is throwed out." Lowe suggested the county instigate some kind of program which would encourage people to not throw out trash much like the Texas litter campaign - Don't Mess With Texas. "We don't have any place in Shelby County for people to dispose of their goods. I commend the commissioners for being on board again about the recycling program which is a great asset to recycle some of our waste; its really great. I would love to see Shelby County have a landfill that would afford the people of Shelby County [a place] to take their goods because we've got to dispose of them somewhere, there's really no place to dump them," expressed Lowe. He finished saying, "It's just really, really embarrassing being a Shelby County person to drive down our roads and see how bad it looks."

Commissioner Precinct 2 Jimmy Lout spoke about the dumpsters being available; however, the dumpsters don't allow tires or household trash. Sheriff Willis Blackwell said, "That's mainly what we run into on the road is household garbage. That's were the problem is; they don't have anywhere to go with them black sacks coming out of the kitchen." Chief Deputy Shad Sparks expounded on the procedure the Sheriff's Department has when trash dumping is reported, which included, after the investigation reveals to whom the trash belongs, is to give them an opportunity first to pick it up. He said they often find that many of the people dumping don't have the funds to afford monthly trash pickup which means they are also not going to be able to afford a ticket for dumping either. Sparks said, "If they don't pick it up or they are repeat offenders, we write them a dumping ticket. If they can't pay for it, they get an FTA (Failure to Appear) and they go to jail."

The discussion of using prisoners to clean up on work detail was brought up and Sheriff Blackwell answered, "There has to be a certified peace officer to take those prisoners out of that jail and go somewhere with them, so it's not a question of whether a jailer could take them out and work them, we can't. It has to be a certified peace officer with them." Sparks added saying "We would love to have a work detail, that's not an issue with us, everybody is just short-handed right now." It was mentioned that cleaning up the roadways has been used for community service time for people who couldn't pay citations off or for teenagers who had gotten in trouble as a learning lesson or as a deterrent.

There were a number of citizens from Huxley who were unable to attend the meeting. Harbison said, "In the last three and a half months, the ones that I have heard the most about are close to Toledo Bend or on Toledo Bend... I have three or four different things (letters with photographs) here from the same community and I've done some research on it and I have a paper that was prepared by the legal council of the Texas Association of Counties and there are actually laws on the books already that covers public nuisance. It defines the public nuisance and everything that we've talked about today is classified in this as a public nuisance."

"I think that we probably just need to start an abatement program to utilize the laws that are already in the health and safety code. One of the laws says that it's a public nuisance if they're keeping, storing or accumulating rubbish including newspapers, abandoned vehicles, refrigerators, stoves, furniture, tires, cans on the premises in a neighborhood or within 300 feet of a public street for 10 days or more," stated Harbison. She continued, "There are laws already there and I think we should look at enforcing them. I think turning a blind eye to them is not the best way to do it. I just want to let the public know I empathize with their problems and that I really do want to work towards a solution."

Harbison spoke on behalf of the commissioners' court saying, "We really don't want to have a law that impedes anybody from doing anything on their private property because you bought that property and you paid for that property."

The way the law works would be a citizen would file a complaint with the commissioners and they would decided during commissioners' court if it is in fact a public nuisance. If it is approved to be a nuisance, the court would send out a notice giving the property owner a time period to clean it up. If the property owner fails to comply, they can be fined. In the long run the county could hire someone to clean it up and a lien could be placed by the county against the person's property. It would be a civil case.

"I'm not for telling anybody what to do on their property, but if you're living 300 feet of a public road, if it's dead carcasses by your property that is impeding your well being and your health, I think it's our duty to look into this and to do what we can to help the community. I may be dead wrong but I don't think it's infringing on anybody's private rights if the laws that are already on the books are enforced," stated Judge Harbison.

Take pride in your community and help keep it beautiful. Lowe suggested a new slogan - "Don't Trash Shelby County"

  •     Educate all your family and friends about littering and how bad it is.
  •     If you see a litterbug, you can report it on the Don't Mess With Texas and Texas will send the litterer a Don’t mess with Texas litterbag along with a letter reminding them to keep their trash off of our roads.
  •     Form a community service group to help with picking up litter.
  •     Foster respect for a clean city among school children, visitors to parks, patrons of fast-food, and smokers.

March 18, 2015 - Leslie Leathers was chosen to be the new City Secretary in Timpson at their recent meeting held on Tuesday, March 17, 2015. A quick departure of former City Secretary Barbara Hunt was seen on the previous week as she was expected to hold the position through April 30. Following the interview process of several candidates in executive session, the council returned from executive session and chose Leathers as the full time city secretary.

Several employees of the City of Timpson have reached milestones in their time working with the city. Mayor Smith stated Charlotte Broadway has been working with the city for 31 years as of February 1. Paula Mullins will reach her 6th year with the city on April 7 and January was Timpson Police Officer Jacob Metcalf's first year with the city.

A motion was passed by the council naming Paula Mullins Interim City Secretary from March 18 to June 16, 2015 while the new city secretary gets associated with the daily activities of the city.

Paul Smith, Timpson Area Chamber of Commerce (TACC) President, provided the council with information on upcoming events. The TACC meeting will be in the Timpson Library Public Library on Austin Street at 5pm; March 28, starting at 10am will be the 6th Annual Citywide Easter Egg Hunt held at the Community Building in SoSo Park, sponsored by the Timpson Order of the Eastern Star #1144 and the TACC, "Parents should bring an Easter egg basket for your children, your camera for pictures with the Easter Bunny. Last year over 5,000 eggs were hidden and we expect it to be that many or more this year."

Smith continued by informing the TACC Job Fair will be held on Wednesday, April 1 at the Community Building from 1pm to 3pm, "Anyone seeking a new job or needing a new job in the future is invited. Shelby County Workforce [Solutions] will be present, Timpson Go Center Vernett Richardson will be there along with CJ Baxter Group and E-Tech will sponsor short seminars on how to get and keep a job."

The TACC is currently planning the Annual Barbecue Contest for May 16 and tentatively expects to be held at the Timpson RV Park. Smith also stated he is excited about this upcoming Frontier Days. There will be a laser light show once again and vendors are already signing up for the event.

Ronnie Wolfe, Councilman, asked the council to consider the need to have a separate dedicated checking account for the purpose of tracking Timpson Police Department expenses. Mayor Debra Pate Smith stated on the agenda she would add the item to the next agenda if two other council members agree. Council members George Grace and Janell Baker expressed their desire to have the item on the agenda.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, Cecil Parks made comments regarding Mayor Smith and an allegation he has made toward Timpson Police Chief Kent Graham and Timpson ISD Police Chief Kim Graham. The Texas Rangers opened an investigation into his allegations and found no wrongdoing on the part of the Grahams. Parks made a formal complaint to the city and he feels the action taken is to "sweep it under the rug." Parks also disputes Mayor Smiths statement she contacted the Rangers as the report only mentions Parks contacted the Rangers.

"I don't know what it's going to take to make this a serious situation here," said Parks. "As far as the last time that I put on the deal for the agenda, no concern for the public safety. Beyond a doubt this situation happened, whether you want to believe it or take it as the truth, or make it another lie but it did happen, it did happen and all that's happening around it is smoke and mirrors."

During the meeting Resolutiun 03172015-01 was approved, removing Barbara Hunt as an authorized signer on each Austin Bank checking account and naming Mayor Debra Smith, Paula Mullins, Charlotte Broadway and Mayor Pro Tem Ronnie Wolfe as signatories on the account. The accounts include the general fund, payroll, and a grant account.

Police Activity Report for the month of February:
33 agency assists; 16 motorist assists; 2 escorts;. 6 extra patrol requests; 2 loose livestock; 8 animal complaints; 12 warrants served; 3 thefts; 1 unauthorized use of a motor vehicle; 1 driving while intoxicated; 14 disturbances; 1 public intoxication; 5 suspicious persons; 6 suspicious vehicles; 3 reckless drivers; 8 investigations; 1 possession of marijuana; 2 possession of a controlled substance; and 2 crash investigations. 129 total calls for service, and 11 total arrests.

Municipal Court Report:
For the month of February 2014, 60 citations issued, 77 violations, 6 citation to a minor, 0 citations to a juvenile. Total amount reported $16,539.66 for the Police Department with the City’s portion estimated at 55% or $9,096.81

Upcoming Election Information:
There were 5 completed candidate packets submitted for the General Election, May 9th. Candidates drew for positions on the ballot on March 6th: 1st on the ballot is incumbent Kyle Allen, 2nd on the ballot is Kenny Walker, 3rd on the ballot is Linda Hancock, 4th on the ballot is incumbent Janell Baker, and 5th on the ballot is incumbent George Grace. Early Voting begins April 27th at City Hall and ends May 5th; weekdays only April 28 and May 5th are extended hours – 7am – 7pm other days are 8am – 5 pm Mar 11 – April 24 Dates to apply to receive a ballot by mail.


Items on the agenda receiving approval include:

    1) FY 2013-2014 Audit as presented by Frank Campos.
    2) Consent Agenda items A-F:

        A. Minutes from the Regular Meeting from Jan 20, 2015
        B. Minutes from the Regular Meeting from February 17, 2015
        C. Minutes from the Special Meeting held on February 17th
        D. Financial Statement for the month ending February, 2015
        E. March Accounts Payable – Unpaid bills for February, 2015
        F. Use of the Community Bldg for the Easter Egg Hunt March 28, and for the TACC Job Fair on April 1, 2015.

    3) Renewal of the 1 year term of Judge James Bogue (04/01/2015 – 04/01/2016).
    4) Renew Contract on the mowing contract for the parks, RR row, and other city property currently on contract with Gareth Yoder for $23,860 per year paid monthly $1988.33.
    5) Request Bids for Annual Fire Hydrant Audit.
    6) Name Paula Mullins as interim City Secretary from Mar 18 – June 16, 2015.
    7) Authorize the Mayor to have new Resolution of Authority, Resolutiun 03172015-01, drawn up on each Austin Bank checking account removing Barbara Hunt as an authorized signer and naming Mayor Debra Smith, Paula Mullins, Charlotte Broadway and Mayor Pro Tem Ronnie Wolfe as signatories on the accounts.
    8) Appoint Barbara Wester as Election Judge, Shannon Ramsey as the alternate Judge and Clerk, Susan Miller, Sherry Angelo, and Vernett Richardson, and two others as clerks. Pay them $12-$15 per hour.
    9) Amend the Order of Notice, General Election to be held on May 9, 2015 to elect three City Council Members. Remove Barbara Hunt’s name as Early Voting Clerk and replace with Leslie Leathers.
    10) Placement of a building by Shelby County allowing the placement of a portable building on City of Timpson property adjacent to the Cobb Lumber building for the purpose of a Justice of the Peace Precinct 5 and/or county office. The City would waive rent, but would collect all fees associated with city utilities. The County would hold harmless the City in all respects to property and or liability insurance and understands should the property sell they would have a 60 day notice to relocate the building.
    11) Hire Goodwin Lasiter Strong, at the cost of $9,500-$13,000, to provide services necessary to properly engineer, acquire permits where needed, and request bids to repair the collapse of a section of 6" main sewer line near the intersection of Archie Street and 2nd Street.
    12) Hire Leslie Leathers as a full time City Secretary for Timpson.
    13) Amend the Order of Notice, General Election to be held on May 9, 2015 to elect three City Council Members. Remove Barbara Hunt’s name as Early Voting Clerk and replace with Leslie Leathers.


March 19, 2015 - A group of area residents were present at the Shelby County Courthouse on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 to attend a hearing in county court regarding a resisting arrest charge against Nick Rushing.

The charge against Rushing turned out to have not made it on the docket for that day. Rushing was accompanied by Justin Bennett, and Kennis Henderson and they all feel they have been wronged by the Center Police Department.

An attorney representing Rushing, Samuel L. Milledge, II of Houston and a New Black Panther Party member called "Solo" were present to show support for Rushing. Milledge shared some of his concerns about the cases in question and the handling of bonds.

"We have these people that are steadily getting arrested, you're taking their money, bonds are being paid for, expensive bonds, but yet these cases are rightfully being dismissed," said Milledge.

Milledge continued by questioning the reason for case dismissals, "Are they being dismissed after the bond is set and bond is paid and not before, and who's in charge of intake?"

Although the charge is a misdemeanor and would be heard in county court, the group spent a good portion of the day in front of the District Attorneys office. A visit was made to the Center Police Department as well. They later dispersed when no answers could be derived in relation to Rushing's charges.

March 17, 2015 - Center Police Department TNT (Tactical Narcotics Team) executed a pre-dawn search warrant on March 17, 2015 at a residence located at 1202 Union Street in Center. The search warrant was issued as the result of a several month long investigation by the Narcotics Division of the Police Department.

Investigators located various types of illegal drugs at the residence including, cocaine, synthetic marijuana, and prescription pills. Four suspects were arrested as a result of the investigation.

All arrested individuals have been charged with at least one count of delivery of a controlled substance. There are further charges pending.

On February 17, 2015, the Center Police Department Tactical Narcotics Team (TNT) executed a search warrant at a residence at 917 Hicks Street in Center. Investigators arrested one individual, who has not yet been identified. During the search, Officers located evidence that drugs were regularly being sold at the location. There were several bottles which had been used to carry PCP, a highly addictive and very dangerous drug.

These search warrants are the result of weeks of investigation by the Narcotics Division of the Center Police Department. Investigator Chris Knowlton stated that continued partnership with the community is essential in the fight against drugs to contact the Police Department Narcotics Division, or any Officer of the department directly.

Center Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward of up to $1,000 for information. Anyone who has information regarding this crime should call Center Crime Stoppers at 936-598-SAFE (7233) or submit a tip online at Remember you don't have to give your name. All calls and cash rewards are completely anonymous. Rewards will only be paid on tips submitted through the Center Crime Stoppers system.

March 9, 2015 - (Show Backdrop Photos, Show Photos, Sale Photos) A slightly rearranged Shelby County Livestock Show and Sale paid off for exhibitors as a large crowd gathered for the sale held at the John D Windham Civic Center Saturday night, March 7th which brought in an additional six thousand dollars over last year in money raised for FFA and 4-H students for a total of $66,950 this year.

The 10th Annual Shelby County 4-H & FFA Livestock Show was held March 6, 2015 at the Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo Arena.  Weigh in of market animals started at 7:30 and lasted until 9:00.  The show started at 10:00 with Rabbits being judged by Mrs. Sherry Poindexter of San Augustine, TX.  Dr. Billy Zanolini, who is a Texas A&M 4-H Livestock Specialist judged the swine, goats, lambs, and cattle.  Dr. Zanolini was very informative and interactive with the children and animals.  There were over 103 exhibitors at this year’s show.

The following is the results of the show and sale:

Keaton Bush of Timpson FFA showed the Grand Champion Steer Friday at the 10th annual Shelby County 4-H and FFA Livestock Show held at the Shelby County Expo Center.  Following the show, Keaton’s steer sold at the livestock sale for $4,500.  Farmer’s State Bank bought the 1101 pound steer.

Reserve Champion steer honors went to Ethan Wood of Joaquin FFA. Ethan’s steer was purchased by the Oilfield Buyer’s Group consisting of (Corrected group members) Junior Kent, Ronnie Herrington, IPS Coil Tubing, ETS/QES Motors, Texas State Bank, Adams Ford, PTS, Steve Kent, Delta Fuel, Moncla Well Service, Casey Wood Consulting/E-Z Simmental for $13,000.

The Grand Champion Market Swine was shown by Madison McMillan of Center FFA.  Shelby Savings Bank bought the champion hog for $1,800.

Lance Holloway of Center 4-H showed the Reserve Champion Market Swine.  The hog was sold to Borders Poultry and Heritage Land Bank for $1,700.

(left) Keaton Bush's Grand Champion steer was purchased by Farmers State Bank.

(left) Madison McMillan's Grand Champion swine was purchased by Shelby Savings Bank.

(left) Wesley Wages' Grand Champion goat was purchased by Shelby Savings Bank.
(left) Kayleigh Scroggins' Grand Champion lamb was purchased by Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative.

In the Market Goat Division, Wesley Wages of Center 4-H showed the Grand Champion. Wesley’s goat was purchased for $1,750 by Shelby Saving Bank.

The Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat was shown by Ally Kimbro of Timpson FFA.  Ally’s goat was purchased for $1,250 by Diamond H.

Kayleigh Scroggins of Timpson FFA showed the Grand Champion Market Lamb in Saturday’s Show.  Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative purchased Kayleigh’s lamb for $1,750.

Reserve Champion honors in the Market Lamb Division went to Josie Green of Joaquin FFA.  Shelby County Farm Bureau was the winning bidders for $1,600.

The Grand Champion Market Rabbit was shown by Trevor Hightower of Center 4-H.  Trevor will receive premium money in the amount of $400.  Dalton Alexander of Center FFA showed the Reserve Grand Champion pen of market rabbits.  He will receive $350 in premium money.

The livestock’s premium money totaled just over $66,950 for local 4-H and FFA members according to Jacob Spivey, Show Chairman.

The Larry Hagler Memorial Scholarship will be given to the Highest Placing Seniors.

Highest Placing Senior in the Market Steer Division is Keaton Bush.  Keaton will receive a $500 Scholarship.

Highest Placing Senior in the Market lamb Division is Josie Green.  Josie will receive a $500 Scholarship.

The steer shown by Clarissa Menefee was the "highest gaining" steer of the show.  Clarissa will receive $150.

The highest placing county bred steer was shown by Megan Dunn.  Megan was presented with $1,000 from Farmers State Bank. The 2nd highest placing county bred steer was shown by Christopher Dunn.  Christopher will receive $250 by Shelby County Farm Bureau.  The 3rd highest placing county bred steer was shown by Blake Griffin.  Blake will receive $150 by Shelby County Farm Bureau.

The highest placing county bred heifer was shown by Ally Kimbro. Ally will receive $750 from Link Charolais and Dr. Derek Grant and 2nd place county bred heifer was shown by April Ramsey.  April will receive $250 from Link Charolais & Dr. Derek Grant.

In the beef division, Christopher Dunn of Center 4-H was presented the Senior Beef Showmanship buckle by Joaquin FFA.  Shelbyville FFA presented Abi Hooper of Timpson FFA with the Junior Beef Showmanship Champion.
Madison McMillan of Center FFA was named Champion Senior Swine Showman.  The trophy buckle was presented by Shelby County Farm Bureau.  Center FFA presented the Junior Champion Swine Showman to Seth Shamblin of Center 4-H.

In the goat division, Triston Smith of Timpson FFA was named Champion Senior Showman and was presented a buckle by Timpson FFA.  April Ramsey of Timpson FFA was named Champion Junior Showman and her buckle was presented by Tenaha FFA.

Farm Bureau presented Hajeo Caporali of Center FFA with the Champion Senior Lamb Showmanship buckle.  Jairo Blanco of Center FFA received the Champion Junior Lamb Showmanship buckle from Shelby County 4-H.

Other placings in Saturday's Show were:

Grand Champion & Reserve Champion Breeding Rabbits- Buck:
Kennedy Bush, Center 4-H - Grand Champion
Ariel Patterson, Tenaha FFA - Reserve Grand Champion

Grand Champion Breeding Rabbits- Doe:
Abbie Muckelroy, Center FFA - Grand Champion
Holly Linebarger, Tenaha FFA - Reserve Grand Champion

Market Rabbits:
Trevor Hightower, Center 4-H - Grand Champion Rabbit
Dalton Alexander, Center FFA - Reserve Grand Champion Rabbit
Abbie Muckelroy, Center FFA - 3rd Place
Ariel Patterson, Tenaha FFA - 4th Place
Michelle Gomez, Center 4-H - 5th Place
Dominque Bauer, Center FFA - 6th Place
Holly Linebarger, Tenaha FFA - 7th Place

Market Swine Light Weight:
Madison McMillan, Center FFA - First
Taylor Gutermuth, Center 4-H - Second
Tatum Mettauer, Center 4-H - Third
Whitley Cantrell, Timpson FFA - Fourth
Alaina Haley, Shelbyville 4-H - Fifth
Kennedy Bush, Center 4-H - Sixth

Market Swine Middle Weight:            
Lance Holloway, Center 4-H - First
Hunter McSwain, Center 4-H - Second
Hope Milford, Timpson FFA - Third
Colton Gutermuth, Center 4-H - Fourth
Jaden Johnson, Timpson FFA - Fifth
Garrett Mettauer, Center 4-H - Sixth

Market Swine Heavy Weight:
Seth Shamblin, Center 4-H - First
Lila Smith, Joaquin FFA - Second
Lauren Neal, Joaquin FFA - Third
Logan Holloway, Center 4-H - Fourth
Holly Hughes, Timpson FFA - Fifth
Justin Blanco, Joaquin FFA - Sixth
Alli Jo Baldwin, Joaquin FFA - Seventh
James Marshall, Timpson FFA - Eighth

Market Swine, Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion and Sale Order:

  •     Madison McMillan, Center FFA purchased by Shelby Savings Bank for $1,800
  •     Lance Holloway, Center 4-H purchased by Borders Poultry and Heritage Land Bank for $1,700
  •     Taylor Gutermuth, Center 4-H purchased by Shelby Savings Bank for $1,600
  •     Seth Shamblin, Center 4-H purchased by Borders Poultry Supply for $1,500
  •     Hunter McSwain, Center 4-H purchased by XTO for $1,500
  •     Lila Smith, Joaquin FFA purchased by Farmers State Bank for $1,300
  •     Hope Milford, Timpson FFA purchased by Triple J Feed and Henry Howard Services for $2,100
  •     Colton Gutermuth, Center 4-H purchased by Mettauer Law Firm for $1,600

Breeding Goats - Class 1
Josie Green, Joaquin FFA - First
Josie Green, Joaquin FFA - Second

Grand Champion & Reserve Champion Breeding Does:
Josie Green, Joaquin FFA - Grand Champion
Josie Green, Joaquin FFA -  Reserve Champion

Market Goats Light Weight:
Wesley Wages, Center 4-H - First
Triston Smith, Timpson FFA - Second
Emmy Sigler, Timpson FFA - Third
Gracie Martinson, Tenaha FFA - Fourth
Shawna Hall, Tenaha FFA - Fifth
Tristen Denton, Tenaha FFA - Sixth

Market Goats Heavy Weights:
Ally Kimbro, Timpson FFA - First
Baylor Kimbro, Timpson FFA - Second
April Ramsey, Timpson FFA - Third
Carsen Vickers, Joaquin 4-H - Fourth
Collin Vickers, Joaquin 4-H - Fifth

Market Goats - Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion Sale Order:

  •     Wesley Wages, Center 4-H purchased by Shelby Savings Bank for $1,750
  •     Ally Kimbro, Timpson FFA purchased by Diamond H for $1,250
  •     Baylor Kimbro, Timpson FFA purchased by Smith Sawmill Services for $1,300
  •     April Ramsey, Timpson FFA purchased by Timberlake Farms for $1,200
  •     Triston Smith, Timpson FFA purchased by Mackey Cattle Company for $1,400
  •     Carsen Vickers, Joaquin 4-H purchased by Farm Bureau for $1,400
  •     Emmy Sigler, Timpson FFA purchased by Kay Ranch, Center Tire Company, Timpson & Joaquin Quick Stop, and First Financial for $1,300
  •     Collin Vickers, Joaquin 4-H purchased by Vickers Farms for $1,800

Breeding Ewe Grand Champion:
Kayleigh Scroggins, Timpson FFA
Sheldon Scroggins, Timpson FFA

Market Lambs - Light Weights:
Josie Green, Joaquin FFA - First
Kallie Solomon, Timpson FFA - Second
Chandler Burgay, Timpson FFA - Third

Market Lambs - Middle Weights:
Hajeo Caporali, Center FFA - First
Jairo Blanco, Joaquin FFA - Second
Caden Solomon, Timpson FFA - Third

Market Lambs - Heavy Weight
Kayleigh Scroggins, Timpson FFA - First
Hannah Jamison, Shelbyville 4-H - Second
Sheldon Scroggins, Timpson FFA - Third

Market Lambs Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion and Sale Order:

  •     Kayleigh Scroggins, Timpson FFA, purchased by Deep East Texas Electric Co-op for $1,750
  •     Josie Green, Joaquin FFA purchased by Farm Bureau for  $1,600
  •     Hajeo Caporali, Center FFA purchased by XTO for $1,200
  •     Jairo Blanco, Timpson FFA purchased by AZURE Midstream for $1,500
  •     Caden Solomon, Timpson FFA purchased by Mackey Cattle Company  for  $1,200
  •     Hannah Jamison, Shelbyville 4-H purchased by Triple J Feed and Henry Howard Services. for $2,200
  •     Sheldon Scroggins, Timpson FFA purchased by:  Dance Furniture, Hopkins Wrecker, Farmers Insurance, Monco Motor Co., Tammy Steptoe Realty, Ross Lumber, Worsham Grocery, Agriculture this Morning, Greer Charolais, Dean’s Hardware, East Texas Poultry Supply, Ace Hardware of East Texas, Shoop Insurance, Shoop Financial, Hardy’s Machine, Morrison Insurance, Town & Country Real Estate for $1,200
  •     Kallie Solomon, Timpson FFA purchased by Cobb Hatchery for $1,400

Breeding Beef Show Results are as follows:

American/American Cross Heifer:  Class 1
Josie Green, Joaquin FFA - First

American/American Cross Heifer:  Class 2
Baylor Kimbro, Timpson FFA - First
Abi Hooper, Timpson FFA - Second
Baylor Kimbro, Timpson FFA - Third

American/American Cross Heifer: Class 3
Ally Kimbro, Timpson FFA - First

American/American Cross Heifer: Class 4
Blake Cummings, Joaquin FFA - First
Justin Hooper, Timpson FFA - Second

American/American Cross Heifer:  Class 5
Cralon Hughes, Joaquin FFA-First

American/American Cross Heifer:  Class 6
Keaton Bush, Timpson FFA - First
Ally Kimbro, Timpson FFA - Second

Division Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion American/American Cross Heifer
Baylor Kimbro, Timpson FFA - Grand Champion Division
Ally Kimbro, Timpson FFA - Reserve Grand Champion Division

English and English Cross Heifer: Class 1
Trey Harvey, Joaquin FFA - First

English and English Cross Heifer:  Class 2
Abi Hooper, Joaquin FFA - Second

English and English Cross Heifer:  Class 3
Trey Harvey, Joaquin FFA - First

Division Grand Champion and Reserve Champion English and English Cross Heifers:
Abi Hooper, Joaquin FFA - Grand Champion Division
Trey Harvey, Joaquin FFA - Reserve Grand Champion Division

Exotic and Exotic Cross Heifers:  Class 1
Abi Hooper, Joaquin FFA - First

Exotic and Exotic Cross Heifers:  Class 2
Ethan Wood, Joaquin FFA - First
Lauren Neal, Joaquin FFA - Second

Exotic and Exotic Cross Heifers:  Class 3
Abi Hooper, Joaquin FFA - First
April Ramsey, Timpson FFA - Second

Exotic and Exotic Cross Heifers:  Class 4
Ethan Wood, Joaquin FFA - First

Exotic and Exotic Cross Heifers:  Class 5
April Ramsey, Timpson FFA - First
Division Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Exotic and Exotic Cross Heifers:
Ethan Wood, Joaquin FFA - Division Grand Champion
Ethan Wood, Joaquin FFA - Reserve Grand Champion

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Heifers of Show:
Ethan Wood, Joaquin FFA - Champion;
Abi Hooper, Joaquin FFA - Reserve Grand Champion

Steer Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion and Sale Order:

  •     Keaton Bush, Timpson FFA purchased by Farmer’s State Bank for $4,500
  •     Ethan Wood, Joaquin FFA purchased by Oilfield Buyers Group Junior Kent, Ronnie Herrington, IPS Coil Tubing, ETS/QES Motors, Texas State Bank, Adams Ford, PTS, Steve Kent, Delta Fuel, Moncla Well Service, Casey Wood Consulting/E-Z Simmental for $13,000
  •     Megan Dunn, Center 4-H purchased by:   Shelby Vet, General Shelters, 96 Equipment, Toledo Finance, Harkness Litter Service, Toledo Automotive Supply, Judge Charles Mitchell, and Few Ready Mix for $1,300
  •     Clarissa Menefee, Center 4-H purchased by Klein Brothers Rodeo, Klein Cattle Co., Ulta Inc., K&L Contractors, and JML Contractors  for $1,600
  •     Christopher Dunn, Center 4-H purchased by Borders Poultry Supply for $1,400
  •     Blake Griffin, Center 4-H purchased by:  Hunter Buildings, Keith Oswalt Logging, McAdams Propane, and Fish & Still for $1,600
  •     Trey Harvey, Joaquin FFA purchased by Chozen Group which consisted of Texas State Bank, Querbes & Nelson, Adams Ford, Business 1st, Cole, Evans & Peterson, Precision Directional Drilling and Youngblood Oil & Products for  $7,000

We would also like to thank the following Contributors:

2015 Contributors: Borders Poultry Supply, Farmers State Bank, Shelby Savings Bank, XTO, Shelby County Farm Bureau, Deep East Texas Electric Coop, Texas State Bank, Mettauer Law Firm, Mackey Cattle Company, Timberlake Farms, AZURE Midstream, Cobb Vantress, Hunter Buildings, Kay Ranch (Buddy & Paula Kay), Keith Oswalt Logging, Klein Cattle Company, JTK Management, JML Management, K&L Management, Klein Brothers Rodeo, McAdams Propane, Fish & Still, Shelby Vets, Business First, Ward Animal Hospital, General Shelters, Texas Bank & Trust, Heritage Land Bank, SGM Trucking, Boles Feed, JC McSwain Logging, Woodman of the World, Sabine State Bank, Roscoe McSwain Logging, Center Livestock Auction, Link Charolais, Center Tire Co., R&D Distributing, Adams Ford, Highway 96 Equipment, Inc., Center Glass, Dr. Derek Grant, DVM, Toledo Finance, Toledo Automotive Supply, Judge Charles Mitchell, Harkness Litter Service, Few Ready Mix, Odessa Link, Light and Champion, Center FFA, Joaquin FFA, Shelbyville FFA, Tenaha FFA, Dairy Queen, Chris Mayfield State Farm, Payne’s Community News, Dr. Danny Paul Windham, Dr. Dixon Golden, Ihlo Sales, Steel Building Supply, Dance Furniture, Farmers Insurance, Monco Motor Co., Tammy Steptoe Realty, JBA Financial Services, Inc., Ross Lumber, Worsham Grocery, Hudson Auto Parts, Agriculture This Morning, McDonald & Sons Hardware, Greer Charolais, Dean’s Hardware, Shoop Insurance, Shoop Financial/Cash Now, Hardy’s Machine Shop & Welding, Morrison Insurance Agency, Town & Country Real Estate, Hopkins Wrecker Service, Bounds Insurance, Mack O’Rear Real Estate, Platinum Tire, Hughes Florist, Joaquin/Timpson Quick Stop, Judge Allison Harbison, Roy Sutphen, Matthew Richardson, Clint Richardson, Kurt Richardson, KLL Directional, Larry Smith

Ag Ed Day Sponsors: J.C. McSwain Logging Contractors, Roscoe McSwain Logging, Raymond Construction, LLP, Center Tire Company Inc., Center Livestock Auction Company, R&D Distributing, LTD, Boles Feed Company, Inc., Woodmen of the World, SGM Trucking (Stacy McSwain), Texas Bank & Trust, Sabine Bank and Trust, Farmers State Bank, and Shelby Savings Bank.

Livestock Show and Sale: The following individuals and businesses have graciously donated time, effort and materials to the success of our Livestock show and sale. We would like to take this time to personally thank them for their continue support of the youth of Shelby County. They are James Greer, Tyson Foods, Pete Lowe, Shelby County Farm Bureau Board of Directors, and Shelby County Sheriff Posse.

March 16, 2015 - Sheriff Willis Blackwell reports that on March 12, 2015 a surprise inspection of the Shelby County Jail was preformed by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards.

Sheriff Blackwell is happy to report that the Shelby County Jail was compliant and there were no deficiencies noted. Sheriff Blackwell gives credit to Jail Administrator William Cox and all the hard working jailers that make this possible.

March 16, 2015 - Center Police Officers and Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) State Troopers responded to a two-vehicle crash on Nacogdoches Highway (State Highway 7 West) Monday March 16, 2015 in front of Watlington Street.

When the officers arrived, one vehicle was blocking the outside eastbound traffic lane and the other was beside it off the roadway. ACE EMS was on scene and was providing medical care to the driver of the vehicle in the roadway.

According to Center Police Sgt. Duane Gordon and Center Police Officer Bobby Walker, a maroon Hyundai Elantra driven by Jacquelyn Elmore, 30, of Center with three minor male passengers age one, eight and 10 was traveling east on State Highway West in foggy weather conditions.

Elmore stopped for a school bus, which was traveling on the other side of the highway, and when she did a grey Dodge Charger driven by Kimberly Long, 41, of Center was traveling in the same lane as Elmore and struck the Elantra from behind, causing damage to both vehicles.

ACE EMS transported Elmore from the scene with minor injuries and her children were picked up from the scene by family members. Long was not reported to have received any injury and was issued a citation for failure to control speed.

Texas DPS State Troopers Dustin Ramos and Anthony Lacount assisted at the scene with traffic control.

March 14, 2015 - State Highway 7 East in the James Community was the scene of an early morning 18-wheeler rollover on Friday, March 13, 2015.

The Texas Department of Public Safety, ACE EMS, and later the Center Fire Department, were dispatched to the scene as Pinnergy LTD. representatives worked to clear the crash scene as the trailer of the 18-wheeler was loaded with frac mud and it had to be moved to another tanker before it could be righted.

According to Texas Department of Public Safety State Trooper Jade Lavergne, at 2:55am in the James Community near the RV Park a white 2015 Mack truck-tractor and trailer combination was driven by Marcus Danyell Robinson, 28.

Robinson was traveling west when he left the roadway to the right due weather conditions when he attempted correct back to the left, with the trailer being heavy it rolled to its right and rested on its top. He was seen by ACE EMS and refused treatment.

When mist and fog became more dense across the roadway, the Center Fire Department was dispatched to the scene at 5:33am to help with traffic control. The frac mud was pumped from the wrecked 18-wheeler to another tanker which came from Mansfield.

No injury was reported as a result of the crash and Robinson was cited for unsafe speed.