By Doug Fincher

That Aint for Publication (By Doug Fincher)

February 5, 2018“Bridle your tongue….” James 3:4

When deacon chairman Oscar Adams spoke confidentially to our deacons, he’d conclude by saying, “Now men…that aint for publication”. Fortunately most of them honored his requests.

Remember the saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me”?  Factually, the shores of history are littered with the skeletal remains of people slain by words. The sage Bias called the tongue the best and worst part of the body. 

“J. D. Murphree” (By Doug Fincher)

January 29, 2018 - Soon after I became pastor of The First Baptist Church of Mauriceville, Texas  in 1963, Deacon Thamar Dickerson asked me if I knew J.D. Murphree. “I sure do,” I said. “We both graduated from high school Center, Texas in 1950. I haven’t seen him since then”.. “Well, he’s our Game Warden…everyone likes him and we would like to get him in our church.” J.D.’s family lived a short distance from our church and I drove out the next day to visit him.

"Poss" By Doug Fincher

January 22, 2018 - Pam and I trapped our resident opossum ("Poss") yesterday and took him to his new home on Highway 21. His last meal at our house was an apple we used to bait the trap and when we found him in it he didn't seem to know he was trapped.

“Bayou Seipe” (By Doug Fincher)

January 15, 2018 - Before Toledo Bend Reservoir was ever built, the Bayou Seipe near Huxley, Texas was a ten-mile  “no boat” creek- fisherman’s paradise and when my friend Hollis Peavey and I heard about it, we were soon addicted to it.  Busy little Harris Branch ….spring-fed and ever-flowing… intersected the Bayou Seipe on its ten-mile run  to the Sabine River.  And this gorgeous branch/creek stretch of water became a favorite for Hollis and me.


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