By Neal Murphy

“The Bicycle Path” By Neal Murphy

January 31, 2020 - When is a bicycle path not a bicycle path? That is the question that my wife had to decide a number of years ago in Colorado. I had taken a new job in 1974 with an insurance company whose home office was Littleton, Colorado. We moved there in January of that year, native Texans in a foreign country, whom the natives teased about our “accent.” I never felt that we had any detectible accent, but the Colorado citizens felt differently.

"The Chair" by Neal Murphy

January 9, 2020 - All of us who have reared children know that it is difficult for the kids to keep their mouths shut, especially about things that go on inside the home.  I was a good example of that when I was around nine years old. I still recall the incident as though it happened only yesterday.

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