By Neal Murphy

"Chickens, Eggs, and Other Nonsense" by Neal Murphy

March 25, 2023 - The lowly chicken has provoked a number of interesting questions in the past, such as: Why did the chicken cross the road, and which came first – the chicken or the egg? These two questions have been pondered for many years, and every person must come to their own personal conclusion. I have decided that the real reason that the chicken crossed the road was because she wanted to get to the other side. Others have stated that she crossed the road to prove to armadillos that it COULD be done.

“The Trip From Hades” by Neal Murphy

March 13, 2023 - Several years ago we decided to motor up to Burlington, North Carolina, to visit our son, Doug, during the Christmas season. It is a long trip of fourteen or fifteen hours. Clara and I enjoyed several days of visiting with Doug and our grandchildren. For some reason, I decided to begin our return trip to East Texas on New Years Eve, late in the afternoon. Big mistake.

"The Perils of Piano Playing" by Neal Murphy

February 10, 2023 - My wife, Clara, has been playing the piano and organ for many years. She is quite good at it as she has been invited to play music for numerous weddings and funerals over the years. However, there is a side to playing the keyboard that is quite dangerous. One would think that sitting at a piano and playing would be about the safest thing a person could do. This is not the case with Clara, as you will soon detect.

"The Long-Tailed Cat" by Neal Murphy

January 20, 2023 - There is an old saying, “I’m as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs!” The meaning behind that saying is the longer a cat’s tail is, and the more rocking chairs in a room, the greater the chance of the cat’s tail being mashed. Of course, it does not have to be a rocking chair as far as the cat is concerned.


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