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Drunker Than Cooter Brown by Neal Murphy

May 31, 2023 - Like me, I am sure that you have heard the phrase descriptive of total inebriation, “Drunker than Cooter Brown”. The phrase is in common usage by both white and black southerners. The question is who is Cooter Brown and why was he such an infamous drunk? Well, the question is enough to drive a person to drink because very little can be found about Mr. Brown, although there are quite a few bars scattered around the country that call themselves “Cooter Browns”.

“The Texas UFO” by Neal Murphy

April 18, 2023 - Unidentified Flying Objects have been around for a long time now, the most notorious of these being the Roswell, New Mexico event. On July 7, 1947, a UFO crashed northwest of Roswell on a cattle ranch, scattering debris over a wide area. Several bodies of extraterrestrial beings were reportedly recovered and autopsied. The event was explained by the military as a weather balloon crash, there were no beings, and thus began the most notable cover up in American history.

“Washer Pitching” by Neal Murphy

April 3, 2023 - When I was in high school during the 1950s, the game of washer pitching (Texas horseshoes) was a favorite pastime of us students. Before school, during the lunch break, and even after school one could see boys pitching washers. Occasionally a girl would participate, but it was mostly a masculine game. I loved to play and got reasonably good at it.

"The Lost Weekend"

January 30, 2023 - Character actor Ned Beatty’s first film was released in 1972, and was entitled “Deliverance”. It was the story of four male friends from Georgia who went on a weekend outing of boating and fishing in the mountains, and encountered trouble with mountain people.

Broom Lore by Neal Murphy

January 2, 2023 - The lowly broom has been around our civilization for centuries. It is said that Benjamin Franklin introduced broomcorn to the United States in 1725. He is said to have picked a single broomcorn seed of a Philadelphia lady, planted it, and grew the first broom corn in the United States.

"The BB Gun" by Neal Murphy

December 9, 2022 - In the late 1960s, our family lived in Houston, Texas. It was about a three-and-a-half drive north to our parent’s home in San Augustine. Christmastime was always a hectic time for all of us. My parents lived about twenty miles away from my wife’s parents. We, therefore, had to share time with both sets of grandparents when we would make the drive up north.


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