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Fender Skirts by Neal Murphy

March 15, 2019 - I haven’t thought of fender skirts in years until recently. I was examining a few items in my toy car collection when I looked at my 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air which had rear fender skirts. I always liked the look on most of the 1940 and 1950 model cars which sported the skirts.

“The Art of Spitting” by Neal Murphy

March 8, 2019 - I know you have witnessed this strange ritual many times: A baseball player steps into the batter’s box, hits the plate with his bat, then spits. After each pitch he then steps out of the box and spits again. Or, you have seen a football player get down in his stance, stare at his opponent, then spits before the ball is snapped. I have often wondered about this spitting ritual done mostly by men. Personally I have never felt the need to spit just to be doing it, so I guess that is why I don’t understand.

"Not Worth His Salt" By Neal Murphy

February 4, 2019 - Has anyone ever said about you, “He/she is just not worth their salt.” This is an interesting statement. What about salt, and what it is worth? To me, salt is a very cheap mineral. One can purchase a box of salt at the grocery story for less than a dollar. So, what’s the deal about salt being worth so much?  

"The Hot Mix Job" by Neal Murphy

January 29, 2019 - In 1959, shortly after my marriage, Roy Crowe hired me to work with the Texas Highway Department. I had completed three years of college, so I assume that Mr. Crowe felt I had enough “learning” to be trained as a draftsman. Mr. Jesse Price had his hands full trying to teach me the finer aspects of calculating the amount of steel and concrete for a bridge, or a culvert. Plotting curves always gave me trouble.

"Something Old, Something New..." By Neal Murphy

January 28, 2019 - When Clara and I married years ago, she was insistent that she live up to the old adage that goes “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”. She had to borrow a couple of the items to complete the list. I never thought about it very much until lately. I began to wonder where does this rhyming wedding tradition come from, and what does it mean? A little research provided me with the following information that might be of interest to you.

“So, You’re Left-Handed” By Neal Murphy

January 14, 2019 - About 10% of the population is left-handed. Our daughter is left-handed even though both of her parents are right-handed. So, what happened? Is being born with the dominant hand being the left one blamed on genetics?
Lefties have had a tough time over the centuries overcoming their “handicap.” Beginning at the time of the Industrial Revolution, workers needed to operate complex machines that were almost certainly designed with right-handers in mind. This would make the leftie appear less capable and clumsier.


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