Submitted by Neal Murphy

"Are Men Still Relevant?" by Neal Murphy

April 18, 2022 - It seems that the twenty-first century has produced a general feeling among the female of the species that men are no longer needed. I read articles and see programs on television produced by young, liberated feminists who espouse the idea that they have no need for a man in their lives. They are educated, own their own businesses, and only need a man for pro-creation. They can then rear their children alone – who needs a man around? Any time a program or commercial needs a dufus, guess who gets that part – the white guy.

“What’s Happening to the Four-Door Sedan?” by Neal Murphy

January 21, 2022 - Years ago when I was a young lad my hobby was keeping up with the new automobiles that were introduced each fall. The various automobile makers always brought out their new models in October. At that time San Augustine had five car dealers. I would go to the show rooms and ogle the fancy new cars in all their manufactured splendor. I still like to do that, but many of those car dealers have disappeared.


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