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"Chickens, Eggs, and Other Nonsense" by Neal Murphy

November 23, 2021 - The lowly chicken has provoked a number of interesting questions in the past, such as: Why did the chicken cross the road, and which came first – the chicken or the egg? These two questions have been pondered for many years, and every person must come to their own personal conclusion. I have decided that the real reason that the chicken crossed the road was because she wanted to get to the other side. Others have stated that she crossed the road to prove to armadillos that it COULD be done.

There's A Computer In That Thing!

November 16, 2021 - I must admit that I am not a computer-savvy person. I grew up during the time that most things were done by hand. Having recently purchased a new Chevrolet Malibu automobile, I knew that it has a computer that practically runs every thing. A simple oil change revealed that there is a tiny computer in the steering wheel that controls the gauges around the area. The oil changing mechanic failed to re-set the computer to show it ready to go for another few thousand miles. I had to take the car back for a lesson on how to re-set everything.

“Cross Your Fingers” by Neal Murphy

November 2, 2021 - Have you ever felt the need for good luck, courage, or protection when attempting to do something? Perhaps you have “crossed your fingers” as a silent request for divine help or protection, or maybe you have asked other people to “keep your fingers crossed”. Some people, mostly children, also use the gesture to excuse their telling a white lie, or to invalidate a promise made. Crossing the first two fingers on your hand is a good luck sign recognized around the world.

“Cheetos and 42” By: Neal Murphy

September 17, 2021 - Both my parents and paternal grandparents were avid 42 players, and I was introduced to this domino game at an early age. I began my 42 career around age eight or nine - they waited until I learned to count and cipher.

My grandmother, Mary Murphy, was a very serious player, you know the type who hates to lose, counts all the dominoes, and will know who has what domino in their hand. I never advanced to her level of proficiency.

“It's Not in the Dictionary” by Neal Murphy

August 27, 2021 - The computer age has thrown me for a loop.  I made better grades in school with my courses that involved words and their meaning.  This has continued into my adulthood. I purchased a rather large Webster's dictionary many years ago. It is large, containing two volumes with thousands of words therein.  Anytime that I need to find the correct spelling of a word, I consult it.  I have used it for many years.

"Are Men Still Relevant?" by Neal Murphy

August 6, 2021 - It seems that the twenty-first century has produced a general feeling among the female of the species that men are no longer needed. I read articles and see programs on television produced by young, liberated feminists who espouse the idea that they have no need for a man in their lives. They are educated, own their own businesses, and only need a man for pro-creation. They can then rear their children alone – who needs a man around? Any time a program or commercial needs a dufus, guess who gets that part – the white guy.

"Asking Directions" by Neal Murphy

July 6, 2021- According to countless frustrated spouses, men seem to suffer from an irrational resistance to stopping to ask directions when lost in strange territory. That this trait is shared by most, if not all men, and has proven so resistant to the attempted behavior modifications and downright nagging of so many women, suggests a genetic predisposition. I have discovered that the reason is that men just don’t feel they are lost.

"Diddler on the Roof" by Neal Murphy

June 9, 2021 - The phone call was received around dusk that summer afternoon in 1963. The caller was a neighbor who explained to my wife, Clara, that she was looking at a man on the roof of our house. I was watching television when my wife ran into the living room and announced that there was a man on top of our house. “What?”, I questioned, “someone on our roof?” All kinds of questions popped into my mind. This was our newly purchased house and why would someone want to get on my roof?

The Drive-In Movie by Neal Murphy

April 23, 2021 - It is a real loss to our country that drive-in movies have died and gone to cinema heaven. They were killed off by the television set, a slow and agonizing death. But I have noticed in the news that a few new ones are sprouting up around the country. I wish them success and a long life. I suppose that I have a fondness for the outside movie due to the fact that my uncle, Ed Buckalew, owned the first (and only) drive-in movie in San Augustine, Texas, history.

An Alarming Situation by Neal Murphy

April 16, 2021 - The boarding house on Wettermark street near the campus of Stephen F. Austin State College was the setting for many a juvenile prank during the fall of 1955. I was a freshman student at the Nacogdoches college living in the large, two-story house with eight other male students at the time. More time was invested in playing pranks on each other than in studying the expensive courses required for a degree.


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